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Paranormal Romances: Which are your favorites?

This post is a roll-call for all paranormal romance fans out there. I remember when I first started venturing into romancelandia and at the time, paranormal romances were the shining stars. Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Kresley Cole, and Gena Showalter were names being recommended on every blog.
Now, it seems the light has dimmed a bit (but not too much). Nalini Singh is still slaying the game while the authors mentioned above are still doling out bestsellers in their respective paranormal series. However, it seems the paranormal limelight has faded over the years.
I love paranormal romance. I love the idea of a powerful being falling in love and taking on evil to protect that love. There’s just something about the mysterious worlds created in paranormal romances that draw me in. And, I must admit, I am a huge fan of the fated-mate trope often found in paranormal romances.
Some of the most romantic gestures can be found in PR novels. Overcoming insurmountable obstacles, including death and immortality, in order to be with the one you love? Romantic.

Is the heyday of paranormal romances over? What are you favorite paranormal romances? Any favorite authors?




12 Responses to “ionRomance: Paranormal Romances Edition”

  1. Tracy L Marr

    You didn’t mention Patricia Briggs. Not a romance author in the way we usually means it, but Mercy and Adam are right up there with Eve and Rourke in terms of a romantic couple. And Briggg’ use of mythology is AMAZING.

  2. Shay Alford

    I don’t know why there’s not more reviews on Paranormal Romance? I love reading a lot of different PR’s. Some of my absolute favorite authors are Sherrilyn Kenyon & J R Ward. I also like to read indie authors too. I think I might start trying to do some reviews on PR’s!

  3. Kathleen O

    My Paranormal reading began with Amanda Quick books, they were entertaining and good reads always with great female characters as the heroine. Then I found Christine Feehan and fell in love with her Drake Sisters and the spin off series from this series. I’m still reading both of these authors and loving their works.

  4. JenM

    I still love PNR but these days most paranormal series tend to be UF (which I also love) where the focus is more on the story arc and characters instead of the romance. I’ve just recently started Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changelings so I’m happily making my way through it. Other favorites of mine that are still writing PNR are Thea Harrison, Dianne Duvall, and Jennifer Ashley. I also adore Shelly Laurenston but she’s in a class all by herself. Her books are totally over-the-top and outrageous, kind of a hybrid PNR/UF.

  5. Angela @ Angel's Guilty Pleasures

    I love PNR. It’s my favorite genre to read and of course since I have my own blog it’s what’s most featured on their though I do read other genres too. I love Ilona Andrews, Nalini Singh, Gena Showalter, Anna Lowe, Setta Jay, Jennifer Ashley, and others. I haven’t read Sherrilyn Kenyon yet though many have suggested I do. Recently I’ve been working on reading Older Titles and trying out new authors or other works by said others. It’s been fun!!!

  6. Barbara Bates

    Love Paranormal Romance! My Fav Authors are: Nalini Singh-Sherrilyn Kenyon-Gena Showalter-Christine Feehan and Jayne Castile (Amanda Quick).

  7. Amy R

    Thirds series by Charlie Cochet, Suzanne Wright, Shelly Laurenston, Faith Hunter, Jeannie Frost, Darynda Jones, Patricia Briggs, Beacon Hill Sorcerer series by SJ Himes, Ilona Andrews, Amelia Hutchinson, Kristen Ashley, NR Walker, Ruby Dixon, Amy Harmon, RL Mathewson and Molly Harper write some of my favorite PNR/urban fantasy books/series. I love these books and will typically pick up a PNR/urban fantasy over contemporary.

  8. Erin Eliza

    I’m still VERY very obsessed with paranormal romance! I’m always looking for new reads and other bloggers who are paranormal romance fans!

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