REVIEW: A Wedding In Lake Como by Jennifer Probst

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A Wedding In Lake Como by Jennifer Probst: Maddie has felt alone forever. Her parents told her she was a “mistake” and had ruined their lives. While other little girls had parents that attended special events, hers never did. They told her once she graduated high school, she was on her own. Maddie worked hard and got a full ride to a smaller college. Of course, she’d have to work part-time to cover some expenses. Her college life really took off after two popular girls took her in and they became besties. Ava came from a wealthy family. Chelsea had a wonderful supportive family. Suddenly Maddie had friends that welcomed and encouraged her to do things she had never experienced before. Since Maddie didn’t have anyone to go home to on school breaks, Ava even included her on a visit to her father who lived in Italy.

Over time each girl had to decide on goals for after college. They also had to decide what to do about relationships outside of their close bonds. Maddie wants to get into fashion of some sort. She’s always been able to create stunning outfits from inexpensive, vintage items. She’s surprised when being an online influencer leads to avenues and opportunities she never expected. Will fame be everything she imagined or can unexpected events blow up hers and her friends’ lives?

A Wedding In Lake Como is the perfect title for this story. It’s the culmination of years of ups and downs with consequences from poor decisions and sometimes ambition over calmer choices.

Maddie loves Riggs with her whole heart and has been close to him since early college days. Will they be able to find forgiveness and redemption after horrible situations? Will Chelsea be able to find her way to having something of her own again? Will Ava find lasting happiness with her new husband Roberto and come to love her stepmother?

This book has romance, but more than that it’s a story of the type of friendship that is so hard to find. College really is a time to bond with others from different backgrounds. It’s rare to keep that type of bond going once careers and marriage take center stage. If it can be done, life is even sweeter.

I will probably never make it to Italy. Jennifer Probst’s lush descriptions of the area made it come alive for me. Other than the octopus, the food and written about made me hungry. Italy seems to be a popular setting in novels these days. I love when my reading links me to places I can learn more about while being immersed in a fabulous tale.

The author uses a dual timeline which seems to be trending now. She seamlessly weaves them together to give the reader a full experience. I haven’t read the first two books in the Meet Me In Italy yet. I hope to go back and experience more of Italy from home.

Book Info:

Publication: May 14, 2024 | Berkley | Meet Me In Italy #3

A destination wedding in Italy’s Lake Como brings three best friends back together to face the secrets of the past in this romantic novel from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

Best friends Ava, Madison, and Chelsea made a pact to reunite for each other’s weddings when their careers sent them in different directions. But after one of them makes a choice that tears the group apart, an upcoming wedding might be their last chance to heal old wounds.

Ava is about to marry the man she loves in a lavish ceremony on the shores of Lake Como, but she’s haunted by the mistakes she’s made.

Madison’s made a name for herself as an influencer in the fashion world but is threatened by a scandal impacting everything she holds dear.

And Chelsea has the perfect family she always craved, but her professional dreams have fallen by the wayside.

As they return to Italy’s gorgeous coast, the three women revisit their life-changing first trip to Lake Como during college. When Madison comes face-to-face with the college sweetheart who was at the heart of one of the most pivotal times of her life, can they forge a new way forward?



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