REVIEW: Across the Line by Kate Willoughby

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I have been anticipating Across the Line (In the Zone #2) by Kate Willoughby ever since reading and reviewing On the Surface; especially after assigning it 5-stars. Kate Willoughby set the bar high by seamlessly weaving together all the best characteristics with ATLphenomenal dialogue. However, a remarkable writing style and phenomenal dialogue was unable to compensate for my overall dislike of the both Calder and Becca.

Calder is both an ambitious and driven hockey player. He is very self-disciplined in regards to his career – determined to not only recover from his knee injury but be better than before. Those are VERY attractive traits. However, when it comes to his personal life he has some glaring insecurities. This blend of characteristics felt inconsistent.

Becca is very similar to Calder; she is a little too career driven. There is a point during the story that she is so wrapped up in issues with work that she total disregards Calder – I would have tossed her into the street.

Since this is a romance I expected the characters to meld together but that never happened. I thought they were better off remaining two separate individuals than becoming a couple. Do not misunderstand – the story has a HEA, I just would not have minded if the couple went their separate ways.

Book Info:

03.5SPublication: August 11th 2014 by Carina Press | (In the Zone #2)

Book two of In the Zone

Calder Griffin needs to get back in shape. Sidelined last season by a knee injury, he’s determined to return to the San Diego Barracudas and play the best hockey of his career. This might even be the year he gets out of his talented older brother’s shadow.

For months, Becca Chen has poured her energy into Cups, the restaurant she owns, desperate to prove to her parents that she can succeed in the career of her choice, not theirs. But after she spends a five-hour plane ride flirting with charming, magic-on-the-ice Calder, she tells herself she needs a fling.

Becca and Calder can’t keep their hands off each other, but they know the relationship can’t last. They live on opposite coasts, and they’re both too devoted to their careers. All they have to do is prevent their feelings from crossing the line from lust to love…

See how Calder’s teammate Tim found love in On the Surface.



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  1. marcyshuler

    Thanks for your review, Heather. I did like this story, though it was different than the first in the series. I’m now looking forward to book #3.