REVIEW: Blood on the Tide by Katee Robert

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In Blood on the Tide by Katee Robert, Maeve, a selkie from the island of Viedna, knew that helping the rebellion against Threshold’s governing group, the Cŵn Annwn, could put her in harm’s way but she never thought she’d be captured and held captive. Or that her rescuer would be a gorgeous vampire with a penchant for murder. But Lizzie is all that and more. So, when Maeve–whose pelt has been stolen–is offered a partnership of sorts by the vampire, who is she to refuse? She can track down her skin while helping Lizzie find family heirlooms and a way back to her own world. Although, as she gets to know her better, Maeve dreads the day they must part ways because she could all too easily fall in love with Lizzie.

‘Lizzie has never been less than honest with me about her intentions and plans. At the end of this, she leaves and I go home. There is no future that contains the two of us side by side.’

Lizzie is used to fighting her way through any gauntlet thrown at her and coming out the victor. But after chasing her former lover, Evelyn, into Threshold to recover priceless family jewelry, she has to admit that she’s a teeny tiny bit out of her depth. Maeve seems to be the answer to her predicament. The stunning selkie knows the waters and islands in this realm and is on her own hunt for something important that was taken from her. But Lizzie underestimated just how strong her attraction to Maeve is. And how dangerous their journey would become. If they can both stay alive, she has a feeling that she’ll be staying in Threshold for the foreseeable future–if her selkie will have her, that is.

“I’ve existed two hundred years, but I didn’t actually start living until I met you.”

BLOOD ON THE TIDE was a spicy sapphic romance that pushed Katie Robert’s Crimson Sails series ever closer to the brink of war for those in Threshold. With intriguing morally grey characters, fun banter, and action scenes that will have you holding your breath, I hated to see this book end.

“The thought of letting you go makes me want to murder something.”
I manage a breathless laugh. “Lizzie, wanting to murder something is practically your default existence.”
“Yes, but it’s different with you. I want to keep you.”

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Leave it to Katee Robert to turn a F/F romance between a bloodthirsty vampire and a charming selkie into a surprisingly tender yet still wildly adventurous pirate story. I’m always wowed by how they can seamlessly pivot from one scene to the next, exploring drastically different emotions and situations and have it flow perfectly together. BLOOD ON THE TIDE had this in spades. From the heart-pounding action scenes to the fiery bedroom moments and the sweet realizations of love, our heroines–Lizzie and Maeve–were kept on their toes the entire way through to their HFN ending.

I will recommend reading the books in the Crimson Sails series in sequential order as I think readers won’t get a full grasp of the rebellion against the Cŵn Annwn, who rule Threshold, or how much Lizzie truly changes over time. Because after reading book one, Hunt on Dark Waters, I wasn’t really sure about Lizzie being able to redeem herself. She was a vampire who was raised to put family first and to, well, basically murder anyone or anything in her way. (Look for an Easter egg about Lizzie’s brother Wolf from Robert’s Bloodline Vampires series!) But she proved to be the perfect mate for selkie Maeve, who was sweet, loyal, and could charm just about anyone.

Their Grumpy/Sunshine pairing was entertaining as well as sigh-worthy. And as Maeve captivated Lizzie, showing her that kindness was possible while still keeping a steel backbone, it helped open Lizzie’s eyes to a world away from her toxic family. A chance to be her own person–er, vampire. Lizzie herself was able to prove to Maeve that she was worthy of love, that not everyone was out to use her, and that her work to further the rebellion’s cause hadn’t been in vain. I can only imagine what Robert’s has up their sleeve with the next book–Rebel in the Deep–which was set up nicely at the end here. Can’t wait.

QOTD: Vampire Lizzie is definitely a morally grey character. Do you like stories with this element or prefer characters who are characterized as either good or bad?

Book Info:

Publication: Published: May 14th, 2024 | Berkley | Crimson Sails #2

As a bloodline vampire, Lizzie has never had a problem taking what she wants, and right now what she wants are the family heirlooms that were stolen from her and a portal home. Too bad even that short list is impossible to accomplish on her own—and her allies have bigger things to worry about.

When they rescue a selkie from captivity, it’s the perfect solution to her problem. Lizzie needs a guide through Threshold and the selkie needs someone to help her get her skin back. Maeve didn’t choose to give up her skin—it was stolen from her. Now she’s in an uneasy partnership with a dangerous woman who seems more apt to kill than to share a kind word. It’s terrifying…and a bit alluring. Even though she knows it will end in heartbreak, Maeve can’t help being drawn to Lizzie and her all-too-pleasurable vampire bite.

Unfortunately, the danger to Maeve’s heart is the least of her worries. The ship Lizzie’s chasing belongs to the Cŵn Annwn, and they don’t take kindly to people who steal from them. Not even Lizzie’s viciousness or Maeve’s selkie strength will be enough to save them if the Cŵn Annwn seek retribution…



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  1. Amy R

    QOTD: Vampire Lizzie is definitely a morally grey character. Do you like stories with this element or prefer characters who are characterized as either good or bad? I’m good with morally grey

  2. Glenda M

    Thanks for the review! I’m good with morally grey character if the story is good

  3. psu1493

    QOTD: Vampire Lizzie is definitely a morally grey character. Do you like stories with this element or prefer characters who are characterized as either good or bad? As long as the character is well-written, I am fine with a morally grey character. Interesting story. Thanks for the review.