REVIEW: Claiming His Convenient Princess by Susan Meier

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Claiming His Convenient Princess by Susan Meier: Prince Liam is supposed to begin preparing for an arranged marriage since he is next in line to be the King in a small island kingdom. He had wanted to marry Lilibet, the love of his life. She broke off things for several strong reasons. He guesses a marriage that doesn’t have to be based on love is safe for his broken heart.

The wife that has been picked out for him through negotiations is Demi Vigilance. She is a princess in a small South American area. Her uncle is the actual King. He had her appear with him at various events until he married. Her father is anxious to get her married to a wealthy man. The man sees his daughter as a commodity to help pay for his huge gambling debts.

Liam goes to meet Demi in her home territory. She is working with a shelter that caters to the homeless and others down on their luck. Demi is very resistant to being matched up without any personal input. After Liam tells her about what may be other options if she doesn’t agree to marrying him, she decides he is a pretty decent guy.

They both fly back to his family’s compound. Everyone seems to accept her right away. The two decide that perhaps they can make their situation be a “love match”. That way the scandal with her father wouldn’t play into something that would be “catnip” for the tabloids.

Demi also thought she had found her true love who worked along side her with the shelter. Her heart is broken when her boyfriend leaves after being bribed by her father. The boyfriend couldn’t help with the financial woes.

I enjoyed the blooming romance between Liam and Demi. They both had stress and disappointment in the recent past. Demi warmed my heart even more with her beloved cats, Strawberry and Shortcake. Anyone who loves animals has to be special.Liam does his best to make Demi feel comfortable in her new life.

Characters from the first two novels in this series play pivotal roles in this third one. They add more emotional depth to the plot.
Author Susan Meier does a perfect job of bringing this final chapter of this charming series to a satisfying close. I have enjoyed each one that were spaced apart just right.

Book Info:

Publication: August 22, 2023 | Harlequin Romance | Scandal At the Palace #3

In Susan Meier’s latest royal story for Harlequin Romance, a prince needs a convenient bride…but his inescapable desire for this Cinderella princess makes him want to claim her for real !

Could their arranged marriage…

be the perfect match?

When Prince Liam meets Demi Viglianco, his bride-to-be, she admits she’d rather not marry anyone! But their wedding is the only way to protect Demi from her father’s schemes. After his ex left him heartbroken, Liam desires a completely convenient union. But as he helps Demi feel at home in his kingdom, their mutual arrangement is challenged by their sizzling attraction. Now Liam wants his princess-on-paper for real!

From Harlequin Be swept away by glamorous and heartfelt love stories.

Scandal at the Palace

Book 1: His Majesty’s Forbidden Fling
Book 2: Off-Limits to the Rebel Prince
Book 3: Claiming His Convenient Princess



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