REVIEW: Claiming His One-Night Baby by Michelle Smart

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Claiming His One-Night Baby by Michelle Smart is the second passionate romance in her Bound to a Billionaire series. The Pellegrini family is mourning the loss of their son Pieta, and the consequences of that loss have repercussions for the family including Pieta’s widow Natasha and his cousin Matteo Manaserro.

As a young woman, Natasha had formed a friendship with the older Matteo that was on the verge of becoming more. But as an eighteen year old innocent, Natasha had no choice but to marry Pieta in a marriage arranged for financial gain by her parents. Secrets abound, and when Pieta died unexpectedly in a helicopter crash, she became the sole keeper of them.

Matteo had been heartbroken when the woman he loved married his cousin instead, and cut off all contact with her. But the death of Pieta means he can no longer hide his feelings for Natasha, and on the night of the funeral they succumb to their old feelings for each other. When Natasha winds up pregnant, Matteo knows his family will be devastated by what they’ll see as a betrayal, and that he and Natasha must find a way to spare Pieta’s memory. He plans to support the baby fully, but is wary of trusting Natasha again. Can they find a way to put the past behind them and forge a new future together?

I really enjoyed this story! Natasha may at one time have been reliant on her parents, and then trapped in a loveless marriage but the truth is that now she is free to make her own choices. Winding up pregnant gives her a new strength to fight for what she wants, and that’s a positive future for her and her baby. Whether Matteo wants to be part of that future or not, she is a strong and determined woman now, making up for her inability to stand up for herself in the past. I liked seeing her acknowledge her faults and her commitment to supporting herself now.

Matteo is torn about his feelings for Natasha. On the one hand, she deceived him when she was younger (or so he believes) by pretending to care about him and then marrying his cousin. But as he learns more about the circumstances behind their marriage, he discovers that it’s not as it seemed. His attraction to her never waned, nor hers to him, resulting in some sexy love scenes between them. Matteo also comes to appreciate how Natasha has matured, and to respect her ability to express herself. The conflict in the story is fairly predicable but dealt with well and Natasha and Matteo get their well deserved happy ending, with a sweet epilogue to show their new family is well on its way.

Book Info:

Publication: Aug 22, 2017 | Harlequin Presents | Bound to a Billionaire #2

One night…

Seeing Natasha Pellegrini at her husband’s funeral propels Matteo Manaserro back to a time before she shattered his trust. Caught in a potent mix of emotion, they surrender to their explosive passion…

One secret…

Unable to share the truth about her passionless marriage, Natasha is a virgin until Matteo’s touch brands her as his.

One baby…

When Matteo discovers Natasha is pregnant, he knows they must present a united front. He may never trust her, but he’s intent on claiming his baby. Except he hasn’t bargained on their insatiable chemistry binding them together so completely!



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