REVIEW: Dare You to Hate Me by B Celeste

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Dare You to Hate Me by B Celeste: When Ivy begins to piece her life together, determined to see through each day, she is shocked to find childhood friend Aidan become a regular each Sunday at Bea’s bakery where he works. Attending Lindon U university, Ivy has constructed her delicate reality as a means to prove to herself and her estranged family that she can do life on her own, despite her ongoing challenges including powerful moments of self-harm.

As Aidan begins to break down the protective walls she has built around herself, we begin to see Ivy’s light, and indeed the flame Aidan has carried for her throughout his childhood, his love filling some of the gaping void left by her emotionally abusive mother and absent father.

Like most series with a College sporting theme, and in similar style to Elle Kennedy, Celeste creates tension from the get go. Navigating the mental health themes deftly, we pay witness to Ivy’s determination, her grit and similarly so, her damage. Having repeatedly been subjected to her mother’s rejection and delegated the role of protector of her little brother, she fights her way through life, growing into a survivor who clings to the memory of Aidan as the one good thing from her childhood.

Aidan, having grown up with supportive parents is the rock in her landscape and whilst things don’t go smoothly, it is clear our two protagonists believe that fate has drawn them back together.

From beginning to end, this was a great read that balanced some dark triggering themes with some steamy romance. And unlike other novels that are similar generically, Dare to Hate me had some solid meat on it’s bones that was thoroughly fleshed until the very final page.

Book Info:

Publication: 3rd March 2023 | Independently Published | Lindon U #1

When I asked my best friend to run away with me at sixteen, I knew he’d say no.⁣

He had football, an amazing family, and a happy home to go back to every day.⁣

So the night I snuck out of his bedroom window after hugging him goodbye, I’d accepted I’d probably never see him again.⁣

Then we both wind up at Lindon University four years later.⁣

I’m barely picking up the pieces of my life when the boy whose initials I used to doodle hearts around approaches me at work.⁣

Aiden Griffith. Lindon U’s star tight end.⁣

Still as attractive. Still as dedicated.⁣

With rumors of him being drafted to the NFL coming to fruition, I know it’s only a matter of time before we have to say goodbye again.⁣

But he can’t seem to let me go no matter what I say, and I don’t think I want him to.⁣



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