REVIEW: He’s Not My Type by Meghan Quinn

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He’s Not My Type by Meghan Quinn: It was love at first sight for hockey sensation Halsey Homes when he first meet the Agitator’s newest VIP relations hire Blakely White. For the first time since the passing of his twin brother, Halsey felt like he could actually see the world in colour and all of this was thanks to Blakely. Too bad all of Halsey’s hopes of making Blakely his girl soon go out of the window when he learns that she has a boyfriend.

Fast forward a few months and Blakely is newly single with no place to stay. This could finally be Halsey’s moment to make a move only problem is our guy is a bit on the shy side, however never fear because the Frozen Fellas are here to save the day! With the slightly daft but well meaning help of his teammates Halsey begins his quest to try and get Blakely to fall for him, starting with having her move in with him… after all who doesn’t love a roommates to lovers love story, right?

“I knew it the day I first met her. The moment I looked her in the eyes. And with every day that I spend with her, I’m just confirming that feeling. She’s everything I could ever want.”

LOVED!! He’s Not My Type was easily my favourite book in The Vancouver Agitators series, there was so much to love about this book that it was hard to actually put it down and not want to finish it all in one sitting! If anything this book only made me a bigger Meghan Quinn fan, truly this lady is the queen of RomComs! One of the best things about this book was the great mix of raw feelings combined with laugh out loud moments, there really was a bit of everything in this book. I would definitely recommend reading the other books in the series to fully enjoy the character dynamics but this can easily be read as a standalone.

I can safely say that Halsey will always be my favourite Agitator, this guy melted my heart like an ice cream on a hot summer day! From what little we got to see of Halsey in the previous books we already knew that he was dealing with some trauma and was a bit on the reserved side but let me just tell you, I was not prepared for Halsey Homes in his dirty talking glory! This guy was far from a wallflower! I will say as much as I loved getting to see him try to woo Blakely, my heart broken more and more for him as we got to see how much the death of his brother had effected him. I loved the support that the Frozen Fellas gave him. As for our leading lady, Blakely, well she was pretty easy to like as well, though there were a few moments that I wanted to be like girl wake up he likes you! The other thing that I was not too fond of was her constant mentioning and comparing her ex, however this was just a small thing.

I just loved getting to see Halsey and Blakely connection build and really grow as the book progressed. Let me tell you once they finally got it on, they were FIRE!! The steam in this book was insane!! Halsey had me blushing for a few moments! However aside from incredible compatibly in the bedroom these two formed a beautiful emotional bond, I loved that Blakely helped Halsey come out of his shell and really talk about his pain, and he helped Blakely realize that she is worth more than just mediocre love.

The supporting characters in this book were just gold! I loved every single moment that we got with the Frozen Fellas, these guys were the best kind of support system a guy could ask for. They were so invested in Halsey and Blakely getting together it was cute. I loved their group chats and the way they brainstormed ridiculously cute ways to get Blakely fall for Halsey. As for Penny, well cant help but love her and her boss girl ways in managing the boys! And Sherman, oh how I loved Sherman the Bonsai tree that Halsey didn’t even want, for a tree Sherman added such a cute element to the book and helping bring Halsey and Blakely together. I can not wait to get my hands on Posey and OC’s books next!

He’s Not My Type is a TOTAL MUST READ!!! I loved the fact that Quinn combined sports romance, forced proximity, fake turned real relationship, slightly unrequited crush and hero falls first into one incredible romance novel! This book will definitely be on my top ten favourite reads of the year!

Book Info:

Publication: November 28, 2023 | Meghan Quinn | The Vancouver Agitators #4

Word to the wise, never become roommates with a girl you’ve been pining over for the better part of a year.

You’re probably wondering why I would do such a thing? Well, I didn’t.

It was my teammates.

The moment they found out Blakely White was single, they took it upon themselves to play cupid and instruct me on how I should win her over.

Don’t wear a shirt around her.
Make her dinner.
Lightly touch her shoulder when you say goodbye.

I’m so flustered, so overwhelmed, so madly in love with this woman who barely notices me, that I lose control of the situation and make one huge mistake: I offer to be her fake date for a wedding so she can make her ex jealous.

That means, for one whole night I get a free pass with her. I get to hold her, dance with her, kiss her…stare at her from across the room like she’s my entire world because she has been for months now.

But when the night comes to an end, I’m faced with two options: bring her back to my bedroom and show her how I really feel, or let her walk away, succumbing to the fact that I very well might not be her type.



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