REVIEW: Highland Fling with Her Boss by Karin Baine

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In Highland Fling with Her Boss by Karin Baine, Bonnie is given the opportunity of a lifetime after leaving an abusive relationship; to live in a castle and run her own chocolate shop. But when she arrives at the castle, she discovers that the duke who had hired her had passed away, and the castle is now being run by his brooding son, Ewen.

After an accident took his brother’s life, Ewen was blamed by his parents and treated poorly. He took off, determined to make something of himself, but upon his father’s passing, he learns that a stipulation in the will is that he has to live in the castle for a year. He believes this is his father’s way of continuing to make him suffer, so his plan is to run the castle for the year and then sell it. The last thing he was expecting was for Bonnie to step in the castle. He doesn’t want her there but realizes that she has no place else to go, so he agrees to give it a try.

Before long, Bonnie and Ewen discover they’re both wounded souls, which causes a bond to develop. But the closer they get, the more Ewen realizes he has to make a choice between leaving the place that has caused him such pain, or facing the past so he can have a future with Bonnie.

I felt for Ewen. Not only did he lose his brother in the accident, but he also essentially lost his parents as well. It was admirable that he made something of himself with no support, yet heartbreaking that he’s left with regrets about not being able to make things right with his father before he died. His pain really comes through in the pages.

I started off liking Bonnie. She’s able to take herself out of an abusive situation and start her life over. She is determined to make the chocolate shop a success, even if it means putting up with a grumpy Ewen. My issue with her comes later in the book. There’s a misunderstanding, and Bonnie jumps to conclusions. Without talking to Ewen and giving him a chance to explain things, she decides to just abandon the chocolate shop. Considering she was the only employee in the shop, she leaves Ewen in a bind. But she doesn’t care about that because she’s convinced she’s right. A simple conversation could have avoided all the drama and additional heartache for the pair. I always find it somewhat annoying when a character has a really good thing going, then decides to toss it all away because they simply refuse to communicate. Up until that point I had thought she was a strong character, but her actions at that moment suggested otherwise.

This is a sweet story about hope, healing, and two people suffering from heartache and regret who find a lifeline in someone who understands what they’re feeling. While Bonnie’s behavior later in the story did bring it down a little for me, I enjoyed it overall.

Book Info:

Publication: March 26, 2024 | Harlequin Romance |

Running her own chocolate shop in a Highland castle is a dream come true for Bonnie. Working with her reluctant new boss, Ewen, is not… The brooding tycoon is infuriating and disarmingly attractive in equal measure, but fragile Bonnie can’t chance her heart again. A fling, however, could be just what they both need… It’s only supposed to be fun—and temporary! Except now Bonnie begins to wonder if Ewen is the second chance she never saw coming…



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