REVIEW: Holiday Ever After by Jill Shalvis

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Holiday Ever After by Jill Shalvis is an anthology comprised of three of the author’s previously released novellas: One Snowy Night (2016), Holiday Wishes (2017), and Mistletoe in Paradise (2020). One Snowy Night and Holiday Wishes are both part of the Heartbreaker Bay series, while Mistletoe in Paradise is part of the Wildstone series. They can be read as standalones if you have not read these series.

One Snowy Night finds Rory Andrews needing a ride to get home, to see her family that she hasn’t seen in a long time. Max Stranton offers to give her a ride, despite the fact he blames her for him losing his college scholarship. As their road trip progresses, Max learns the truth of what led to Rory’s actions and that he wasn’t the only one who suffered over the years. Will the revelations help them find love during the holiday season?

In Holiday Wishes, Sean O’Riley is hosting his brother’s bachelor weekend. He runs into Lotti Hartford, a woman he slept with and then ran away from years ago. Lotti wants nothing more than to host Sean and company at her inn, and then she’s off for two weeks on a much-needed vacation. Only she and the guests get stranded by a storm. Will there be enough time for Sean to prove to Lotti that he’s a changed man and that he could be the man for her?

In Mistletoe in Paradise, Hannah and James aren’t thrilled to see each other during the annual joint yacht adventure their families have, especially after the way their romance ended. With her stepfather, the captain of the boat, attempting to play matchmaker, will the pair finally put the past to rest so they can find a future together?

I’m normally not a big fan of novellas. I had previously read Mistletoe in Paradise and enjoyed it though. It was my first time reading the other two novellas. I enjoyed them as well, but it did seem like things were rushed a bit in both novellas, which is usually an issue I have with these types of stories. I will also say that while these three stories were set around the holidays, they didn’t particularly have a holiday feel to them.

If you’re looking for a quick read, Holiday Ever After provides three of them in one book. If you enjoy novellas set during the holidays, you can’t go wrong with this anthology.

Book Info:

Publication: October 26, 2021 | Avon | Hearbreaker Bay #2.5 and #4.5, and Mistletoe In Paradise #5.5

One Snowy Night
It’s Christmas Eve and Rory Andrews is desperate to get home to her family. Problem is, her only ride to Lake Tahoe comes in the form of the annoyingly handsome Max Stranton, her long-time crush, and his big, goofy, lovable dog. A long road trip in a massive blizzard might be just what they need to face their past…and one steamy, snowy night is all it takes to bring Max and Rory together at last.

Holiday Wishes
When Sean O’Riley shows up for his older brother’s bachelor weekend, the last person he expects to see is Lotti Hartford, the woman he lost his virginity to a decade ago. As the weekend continues, Sean realizes he wants to leave his hook-up life behind, but can he convince Lotti to open her heart to him again?

Mistletoe in Paradise
Years after their secret fling ended, Hannah isn’t eager to see James during their families’ annual joint holiday-themed yacht adventure. But when they’re the only people who show up, James and Hannah are stuck together on the high seas for days. As the former lovers try to make the best of the Christmas snafu, they soon realize the best things in life can’t be planned, and sometimes love is sweeter the second time around.



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  1. Banana cake

    I love Jill Shalvis! I already have all three of these in ebook, now might be a good time to reread them.