REVIEW: Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads

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Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads is the third book in the Fatal Dreams series. For those familiar with the series, characters have paranormal abilities and are part of reincarnated spirits. While the characters in each book are inhabited by the same reincarnated spirits, each book is a standalone.

Just a disclaimer that this book does deal with childhood abuse (physical, not sexual). If this is a trigger for you, you may want to avoid it.

Thomas Brown works as part of a team that investigates crimes. After a horrific childhood incident left him color blind, he gained the ability to see people’s souls. This ability helps him solve crimes because he can learn what truly happened from the soul of the deceased. He can also see a shadow of death for each person, even the living, except for when he meets Helena Grayse. There is no shadow of death following her. And, when they are close together, he is able to see colors again.

Helena has just been released from prison, serving ten years for a crime she didn’t commit. When it becomes clear both of their lives are in danger, they join forces to figure out who is after both of them and how they are connected.

I liked the first two books in the series, but I wasn’t crazy about this one. I think part of it was all the violence both Thomas and Helena had to endure. Thomas had an abusive step-father, while Helena had to deal with constant attacks both in and out of prison.

I found Helena to be to a little too forgiving and trusting. When she discovers who was behind her attacks, she automatically forgives them. I found that hard to believe, considering she almost died on multiple occasions. When Thomas’s sister explains the connection between Helena and Thomas, Helena doesn’t even question I; she just accepts it as truth.

The twist with Thomas’s step-father came out of nowhere. I’m still left with questions about how Thomas’s step-father and his father came to have the relationship they had. It’s not really explained well.

Those who have read the previous books may find the story of Fearless and the Bear to be a bit repetitive. Or, for those who have forgotten it since the last book came out in 2016, it may be a refresher for you. It could go either way. For me, I found it repetitive. It didn’t help it was also mentioned a couple of times in this book, too.

But now only Bear himself had the power to heal his woman. And he did heal her with a simple touch. The love between him and Fearless ran deeper than the valleys, stronger than the mightiest tree, and wider than the sky.

Like the couples in the previous books, Thomas represents the Bear, and Helena represents Fearless. They’re both able to heal each other in certain ways. I think the hardest part I’m having with this one is that there are now multiple couples who share the sprit of Fearless and the Bear. It’s an interesting concept, but how many people can two spirits really be divided into?

If you enjoy romantic suspense mixed in the paranormal, this may be a book for you. I liked it overall, but it definitely wasn’t my favorite of the series.

Book Info:

Publication: November 6, 2018 | Sourcebooks Casablanca | Fatal Dreams #3

Thomas Brown can’t see color, but he can see people’s true souls. His abilities allow him to work with criminal investigators and deliver justice to families of the wronged. And he’s starting to accept that his life will forever be in black and white…

Then he encounters Helena Grayse, and everything changes. She brings vibrant color to his world, and he brings acceptance and belief to hers. But Helena’s past is quickly catching up with her, and Thomas is in the crosshairs.

As an enemy hidden in plain sight threatens their every move, they’ll have to rely on their love to beat the darkness.



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