REVIEW: NYC Angels: An Explosive Reunion by Alison Roberts

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NYC Angels: An Explosive Reunion by Alison Roberts is a great ending for the NYC Angels series.

AERDr. Alex Rodriguez and Dr. Layla Woods have been running from their past in one way or another. He ran by going to another country and away from scandal for five years. Layla ran from the life written for her by her parents and has been trying to write the story of her life herself.

Now they are both working at Angels together and the chemistry that they had five years ago that brought on their affair is still burning bright but the tragedy that ended their affair is like a wall standing between them.

As they face a new case very similar to the one that ended in tragedy before, they will face their demons once again. But it will be up to them to face them and fight them if they want something permanent to come from the love that has been growing more and more between them.

Both Layla and Alex are damaged by their individual past as well, but together they learn how things can really be if they are willing to face things together. The tension and chemistry between them has been taunting us for a couple of books.

It is great to see all the characters from the previous books make a visit in this last book. We get to see how their lives have been progressing in the own HEA and what is going on with them.

If you like a good romance with some good conflict, back story and a great HEA, NYC Angels: An Explosive Reunion by Alison Roberts is the one for you. And don’t miss the other books in this series too, I really recommend them all.


Book Info

Harlequin JunkiePublisher: Harlequin Medical Romances (June 1, 2013)

It only takes one spark!

Dr. Alex Rodriguez and Dr. Layla Woods learned the hard way that their passion was as destructive as it was sizzling. They had no choice but to walk away before it destroyed their careers and their hearts for good.

But now they’re back in each other’s orbit, and suddenly their past becomes their future once more. Because trying to fool the buzzing hospital grapevine that the spark between them has died is a challenge. And convincing each other? Impossible…

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