Review: NYC Angels: Unmasking Dr. Serious by Laura Iding

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In Unmasking Dr. Serious by Laura Iding, we have pediatric heart surgeon Dan Morris from NYC Angels, trying to help his son Josh walk again. After an unfortunate car accident, which Dan still blames himself for, Josh was injured to the point that he had to have multiple surgeries and needs UDSphysical therapy to help him walk again.

Molly Shriver is one of the best physiotherapists in NYC Angels, and she knows the best way to help her patients. Unfortunately, like they say doctors are the worst patients, or in this case the worst father of a patient. Dan doubts her ability to help Josh walk again, but she knows that what they call “playing” is actually the best workouts to help him walk again she just needs to convince Dan of that. When Molly gives Dan an ultimatum  he decides to follows her orders.

Molly knows better than to get close to her patients and their single father, but for some reason, she can’t stay away from Dan and Josh. She will do her best to keep a rational mind and stay away from anything personal with them, but chemistry and attraction will not be denied easily.

She may think that she can keep her heart intact, but it will be up to Josh and Dan to convince her that they can make the perfect family that they all wish to be.

I truly recommend that you read this beautiful story with wonderful characters that will steal your heart.


Book Info

Harlequin JunkiePublisher: Harlequin Medical Romances (April 1, 2013)

Gorgeous surgeon—with a guarded heart

Hotshot surgeon Dan Morris fixes his little patients’ heart, but no woman has ever melted the icy barricades around his own. Then he meets cheery Molly Shriver, the physiotherapist treating his injured son. Her joie-de-vivre helps Dan see the world in a new light. Molly might be able to see behind Dan’s mask to the damaged man beneath, but she knows better than most that letting her help him heal is a whole other issue….

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