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Pity Pact by Whitney Dineen: Finding love is not an easy, especially when you living a small town where you know literally everyone. Which is partly why Paige decided to joins the new dating show, however Paige really had no idea just how staged these dating shows really are, so much for being reality. With Paige set to portray the ditzy country girl set to match up with the posh country club boy, this whole dating show thing was shaping up to be more of a match made in stereotype purgatory. The last thing that Tim wants is to get involved with some TV show but when a contestant drops out at the last moment and the shows host all but begs him to stand in, Tim decides to takes this as a sign that this is his chance to make his ex wife jealous and show her what she is missing out on… the last thing that Tim could have anticipated was Paige…

Pity Pact is the perfect follow up book to Pity Party, in fact the entire Pity series has been a complete hoot to read! I just loved how easy and fun it was to read this book, while there were a few serious underlying notes to this book the large majority of Paige and Tim’s story was hilarious. I truly hope that we get more of Elk Lake and all the zany residents.

Paige was a total darling, not only was she genuinely a great gal but she was easy to relate to. Kind of just coasting along in her life, happy but not truly over the moon happy. The dilemma of being the only single girl in her group was so relatable and this only made me enjoy getting to see at shenanigans that she gets up to all the more hilarious. I really liked getting to see her kind of step out of her own comfort zone and put her insecurities aside to try and find love. As for our guy Tim, well he had all the boy next door vibes, while carrying around so much of hurt and really a bruised ego. My heart really went out to him after his divorce, really its no fun having to return home after being away in the big city, especially when you are returning home with some emotional baggage. I also loved the fact that Tim’s parents were so meddlesome and pushy, they were quite the hoot actually.

I love the connection between Tim and Paige. These two start of as friends but getting to see their connection blossom into something more was just perfection. Though I will say their journey to happily ever after was filled with miscommunication, hilariously embarrassing situations and so many laughs. I loved getting to see them finally realise that the show was not all and their actually behind the scenes love story was the true prize. Truly I loved Tim and Paige together, these two might have been total opposites with Tim being all straight laced and serious, while Paige was a total klutz with no filter whatsoever.

Pity Pact is a total must read, this book much like the rest of the Pity series mixes together relatable characters, laugh out loud moments and some seriously cute love stories. I can not wait to see which couple from Elk Lake is next!


Book Info:

Publication: January 24, 2024 | Whitney Dineen | Pity #3

I always wondered who was crazy enough to apply to those reality dating shows…Turns out, I’m that person. Paige Holland here—lifetime resident of Elk Lake, Wisconsin, and dedicated seventh-grade math teacher.Unfortunately, if I don’t fall for one of the two guys who live right in Elk Lake I might have to move. This limits my choices to a substitute teacher I can’t stand or Tim, a guy I went through school with. It’s not that I can’t see being with Tim—he’s totes my type—but he’s so wounded from his divorce, he’s made it clear he’s only on the show to make his ex-wife jealous.With one disaster after another being broadcast around the world, I’m seriously questioning why I thought a reality show was a good way to find love…



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