REVIEW: Playing Dirty In Alaska by Samanthe Beck

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Playing Dirty In Alaska is the second book in the Captivity Alaska series by Samanthe Beck. I have only read a couple of books by this author but after reading the first book in the series, Wild in Captivity, it was tough waiting for this book. I was charmed by the small town of Captivity and its residents. Wild in Captivity was hilarious with Isabelle’s trying to adjust to the small backward town of Captivity but also heartbreaking as the Shanahan siblings and the residents deal with their grief. We met Bridget and briefly Archer in the first book, and this is their story for a second chance.

Bridget Shanahan was a bush pilot for her family’s business, Captivity Air, and she felt both devastated and guilty for her twin brother’s death. She wants to continue being carefree and fly with no other responsibilities. After being burned in college by Archer, the only man she has loved, she guards her heart by staying away from committing relationships. When her brother gets married and leaves her to manage the airfield, she decides she needs to be a responsible adult and manage the business while he is on his honeymoon. However, when Archer appears in Captivity and a bet goes wrong, she must choose between allowing him to help her or ruining her brother’s honeymoon.

Archer Ellison III knew winning Bridget back would be tough, but he was committed to getting back the love of his life. His choices were limited when his father ordered him to return home after he graduated from college and left Bridget. Now he has his own airline company, Skyline, and has moved to Captivity to win Bridget back. Understanding how helping Bridget when she can’t fly would give him the opportunity to spend more time with her, he volunteers his help. Can he convince her he is all in and trust he will not leave her again?

The first book in the series was funnier but that was due to Isabelle’s mishaps when she was adjusting to life in Captivity. This book was more emotional due to Bridget’s grief and the pain she felt from Archer leaving her. Also, there was plenty of snarky sarcasm and more witty banter exchanged between Bridget and Archer. I loved watching Bridget step up and her confidence grow as she took on more responsibilities. She had built strong walls around her heart to protect herself but her love for her family and friends was easy to see. At first, I didn’t like Archer but he redeemed himself with his big heart and love for Bridget. I really have enjoyed this series and I cannot wait for the next book. The epilogue leads us into it when Lilah’s secret is revealed and it sounds like more drama will be happening in Captivity, Alaska.

Book Info:

Publication: January 17, 2022 | Entangled: Amara | Captivity Alaska #2

Bush pilot Bridget Shanahan runs from responsibility like a child runs from a dentist appointment, but when her brother leaves the family’s airfield in her hands, she knows it’s time to step up and behave like a Responsible Adult ™. So of course that’s when Archer Ellison III blows into her tiny town of Captivity, Alaska, every inch the hot-as-hell mistake that most definitely belongs in her past. Been there, done that, and didn’t even get to keep the commemorative sweatshirt

Archer has only ever had two goals. Now that he’s built his own empire outside his father’s company, he can move on to goal #2—winning back the one who got away by whatever means necessary. He knows it won’t be easy. Bridget Shanahan is older, wiser, more self-assured, and jaw-droppingly stunning…and doing everything she can to pretend the scorching chemistry between them doesn’t exist.

But fate is on his side. After an impulsive bet that would have sent Archer packing goes awry, Bridget is officially stuck with him. Which is really inconvenient, since falling for Archer again is the least responsible thing she could do.



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    Not familiar with this series, but this story sounds good. Thank you for the review.