REVIEW: Pregnant at the Palace Alter by Lorraine Hall

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Pregnant at the Palace Alter by Lorraine Hall is the exciting and emotional second book to the mini series Secrets of the Kalyva Crown.

I adored this story because I have read book 1 and we meet back up with Zandra and Lysias feature in this story, but not only that this is the story of the tall, dark and utterly handsome but strong and fierce King Diamandis. One magical night when King Diamandis lets all his guards down he allows temptation with his now ex-assistant and the consequences (yes consequenceS) are absolutely not going to be ignored. Katerina will come back and marry him and be his Queen.

King Diamandis is a complicated man and what’s good about this story is the background is explained well, despite the terrible family history being explained in book one. So a lovely stand alone but I would highly recommend book 1 be read as well to grasp the full experience. One of the things that has always attracted Diamandis to Katerina is her ability to speak her mind to him. And of course, there’s no way she’s about to up her life in Athens and return to Diamandis to be his and the people’s Queen. She’s convinced the people won’t want her, trust her or believe in her. The King is persuasive and with the help of the King’s little sister they all execute a beautiful plan to be married hastily as well as starting to build a beautiful relationship with the people.

Of course the main story is the love that grows between the King and Queen and how they overcome various obstacles together. It was so heart warming how “My King” turned into a term of love and endearment and the moment Diamandis realizes he can and does love Katerina and that he can rule like his dad, a King and a man behind the crown as well, my heart skipped a beat… but is it too late as he rushes off to a near tragedy involving Katerina?

I adored this story. The adventure and fast pace set inside a beautiful royal location with characters I too fell in love with. The link to book one and re-visiting their characters and the emotive cover, I loved it all.

Book Info:

Publication: July 2023 | Harlequin Presents | The Kalyva Crown #2

King Diamandis finds solace in hard facts and duty. So after a reckless night of abandon results in two heirs, marriage is nonnegotiable! The challenge is convincing his former assistant, Katerina Floros, to see that, too…

Proud Katerina knows she’s totally unsuitable to be Diamandis’s queen. Yet, having been denied a relationship with her own father, she can’t deny her babies the same. And as she walks down the aisle, Katerina’s traitorous thoughts turn to their wedding night… Will she get another glimpse of the passionate man behind the throne?

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