REVIEW: Pretty Rings and Broken Things by Kat Singleton

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Pretty Rings and Broken Things by Kat Singleton: Winnie has always done what has been needed to keep the Bishop name in high esteem. If there was a brunch to attend she was your girl, shareholds having a fourth of July party well she would fly the flag right along with them. So when she unexpectedly finds herself in a bit of a sticky position she has no choice but to do the only thing that would make Bishop Hotels look good, even if that means marrying her nemesis; Archer Moore. What was only supposed to be a simple marriage of convenience soon turns into something more than either of them expected, but when it comes time to lay all the cards on the table will Archer and Winnie find themselves on opposing teams or has their rivalry turned into an epic love story to defy all the odds?

I absolutely loved this book! If the arranged marriage trope is one you like, then this book needs to be on the top of your TBR! Archer and Winnie have to be one of the cutest couples, the build up of their relationship was both endearing but also a tiny bit steamy.

I just adored Winnie, not only did she have a heart of gold but she was genuinely a kind person. I really enjoyed getting to see her grow into her own person and finally be taken seriously. One of the things that I really liked about her character was the fact that she did not blindly fall for Archer, she made him work for her trust. Now for our hero, well Archer was deliciously grumpy with a good dose of softie wrapped up under all those layers of alpha businessman. I loved Archer, from his protective streak to his need to get Winnie to admit that she trusts him. More than anything I loved the fact that he saw her as more than a pretty face, he saw that she had good ideas and made sure that her voice was heard.

The chemistry between Archer and Winnie was just perfection! I loved the build up from friends to both of them wanting more but not being sure if they should take a chance on each other, to the ultimately both of them falling hard. I have to say that one of the things that I really liked was the part where Archer actually fell first and that first stolen kiss, this was a really cute bonus to their story. Though it was the Hamptons trip with the shared bed that truly kicked this book up a notch, I loved the sexual tension that built up between them and the total failed pillow wall!

The supporting characters were great, I loved getting to see Beck and Margo again and getting a bit more of Emma’s crazy thrown into the mix. I really liked the way that Archer, Winnie and Tyson all teamed up to reunite the families and take their fathers down a peg.

Pretty Rings and Broken Things was easily my favorite book by Kat Singleton, it was simply perfection. If you are a fan of a low drama, super cute age-gap,  marriage of convenience, with some steamy fun then this is most definitely the book for you! I can not wait to read Emma’s story next, it’s definitely going to be hilarious!

Book Info:

Publication: February 22, 2024 | Kat Singleton | Black Tie Billionaires #2

Pretty rings can’t always fix broken things.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop powerful men from trying. Which is why instead of getting the wedding I’d always dreamed of, I was forced to marry the heir to our rival company and join a family that we’ve hated for generations.

An arranged marriage to make our problem disappear.

Then again, I’m the one that snuck around behind my father’s back and ended up at the center of a scandal that could ruin my family’s reputation.

Now the only person who can protect me is the cold and calculated billionaire, Archer Moore.

The marriage was only supposed to be for show, but Archer can be very convincing. He’s demanded we move in together. That we kiss. That we make it look—and feel—real. He’s a man who is obsessed with getting what he wants—and I’m starting to think what he wants is me.

But the closer we get, and the less we pretend, the more I question if the grudges between our families are too much to overcome for a marriage that was built on pretty rings and broken things.



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  1. erahime

    I still need to read the forest book in this series. But with this endorsement, I’ll be looking forward to reading this book, too. Thanks for the review, Team HJ!