REVIEW: Reawakened by Her Army Major by Charlotte Hawkes

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Reawakened by Her Army Major by Charlotte Hawkes is an October 2020 Harlequin Medical Forget the slow burn! This book is WHAMO.It.Is.On! But it’s all wrong, isnt it? Firstly Major Hayden Brigham and Nurse Bridget Gardiner are going to be working a 3 month medical mission together. Secondly everyone knows best friends’ big brothers are off limits, as well as little sisters’ best friends! One of many apt descriptions by the author: the sparks arced!

I was pretty sure by Chapter 4 I’d be giving this 5 bright and shiny stars! There’s two parts, the absolutely phenomenal attraction Hayd and Birdie feel for each other and the second part is the outstanding medical drama and front-line action. Charlotte Hawkes seriously gives many of the military books I’ve read a run for their money!

Hayd is a renowned player but the way the author makes him into a likeable hero and someone you want to see fight for Bridget and who you believe in and want to win the biggest battle of his life is fantastic. Bridget is also a heart on her shoulder fantastic human! Wonderfully written and such a wonderful soul.

The medical dramas are outstanding and action packed. Couldn’t fault them. They were interesting, sharp and action packed! I literally felt front-line! Built in carefully and entwined throughout the drama was Hayd and Birdies path to love which was just as interesting, sharp and action-packed as the medical drama. The humour sprinkled through the story was genius.

I haven’t read Book 1 yet but I loved how the two stories intertwine with enough icing on the cake to leave me curious and I will be looking it up.

This author absolutely 100% nailed it!


Book Info:

Publication: October 2020 | Harlequin Medical Romance | Reunited on the Front Line #2

Could their one night together…
Change everything?

When playboy army major Hayden Brigham meets innocent nurse Bridget Gardiner in a nightclub, the chemistry between them is impossible to ignore! But when they must then work together in a hostile and challenging environment, it means keeping their focus on the job! Being under fire only brings them closer…but is Bridget ready to accept that their relationship could survive beyond their mission?

From Harlequin Medical: Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Reunited on the Front Line

Book 1: Second Chance with His Army Doc

Book 2: Reawakened by Her Army Major



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