#Giveaway Day 17: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 6th Annual Reader Appreciation #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….

HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged readers of Harlequin Junkie blog and the romance community.

Thank You for all you do; for all the tweets, re-post, shares, comments. We <3 You!


On the 16th Day of #Bookmas…

Enter to win Signed Books, Amazon Giftcard, Audiobooks & Swag from authors: Nancy Naigle, Lisa Kleypas, Katee Robert, Carolyn Brown, Kylie Scott, Pippa Roscoe, Susan Mallery, Sawyer Bennet, Se Rose, Michele Renae, Lauren Helms, Tara Sue Me, Cam Johns  


I want to start out by saying a huge THANK YOU to all the authors noted above, their publicist and assistants for their continued participation and very generous contribution towards HJ’s Bookmas event.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Dear Reader’s, I hope you will make time to visit these wonderful authors, read about their new and upcoming releases on their website and give them a follow on Social Media 🙂

Giveaway #1: From Author LISA KLEYPAS: A set of all 6 Ravenels in paperback, one of which will be signed.
Giveaway #2: From Author KATEE ROBERT: $25 Amazon Gift-Card
Giveaway #3: From author NANCY NAIGLE- $20 Amazon gift card.
Giveaway #4: From author CAROLYN BROWN – An audio edition of Miss Janie’s Girls an audio of The Family Journal
Giveaway #5: Signed Book Bundle (International)

  • From Author KYLIE SCOTT: A signed copy of The Rich Boy and Love Under Quarantine.
  • From Author PIPPA ROSCOE – Signed Copies of Demanding His Billion Dollar Heir, Taming the Big Bad Billionaire, Rumors Behind the Greek’s Wedding

Giveaway #6: Signed Book Bundle

  • From author SUSAN MALLERY: A copy of the UK edition of The Friendship List
  • From author SAWYER BENNET: A signed paperback of Atticus, US only.
  • From Author SE ROSE: A signed copy of my book Hopelessly Perfect.
  • From author MICHELE RENAE: A copy of The Chocoholic’s Guide To Getting It On, along with some surprise chocolate. US address only, please.

Giveaway #7: From Author LAUREN HELMS: A Nerdy & Flirty Book Bundle that includes the following:

  • Level Me Up (Gamer Boy #1) Audiobook Code
  • Boyfriend Maintenance (425 Madison Ave Novel) ebook Code
  • Innocent Princess Signed Paperback
  • Swag Pack.
  • All books are contemporary romance. US only.

Giveaway #8: From author TARA SUE ME: A set of paperbacks containing my 2020 releases to US only: BUCKED, MADAME PRESIDENT, and NATHANIEL’S GIFT.
Giveaway #9: From author CAM JOHNS: Signed copy of Midnight Princess and Seconds, Sephora Gift bag, 2021 planner and accessory pouch.


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Leave a comment and let us know what are some of your favorite books by authors with giveaways here today? Who are new to you authors?

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BONUS GIVEAWAY: Manuscript Critique (Maximum 50k words; worth $500 USD)

Is your dream to write a romance of your own? Do you want to take your writing to the next level in 2021?

Award-winning Harlequin author and writing coach Jennifer Hayward, whose books have been published in 31 countries and 25 languages, is offering a manuscript critique so you can put your best foot forward in your next submission. (Maximum 50k words; worth $500 USD.

To Enter: 

  • Leave a comment below (Reference Manuscript Critique)  
  • Entrants must have a partial or full manuscript ready to submit by 01/31/2021.

Enter Daily to increase your chance of winning.

One winner will be chosen by author Jennifer Hayward from entries submitted 
between Dec 13 to Dec 31 2020.

Be sure to stop by everyday from Dec 13 to Dec 31 2020 for a chance to win: Box-O-books, Gift Cards, Audio books, Signed book bundles, A Manuscript Critique, Author Swag & more!

104 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 17: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. Evelyn

    Lisa Kleypas and Sawyer Bennett are two of my favorite authors. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Leeza Stetson

    Carolyn Brown and Susan Mallery are names I recognize, but I haven’t read any books by them, yet. The others are all unfamiliar to me. I’d love the chance to read some of their works. I suspect I’d become a fan.

  3. EC

    I’ve heard/read them all except for Cam Johns and Se Rose. I definitely look forward to reading more from them all.

  4. Mary Preston

    I have read most of these authors. Those new to me I have added to my list.

  5. Diana Hardt

    I have read books from Carolyn Brown and Susan Mallery. The rest of the authors are new to me.

  6. Heather Scully

    I love Susan Mallory’ Happily Inc. series. and Sawyer Bennett’s Wild Horse and her hockey series. Love finding more new reads and new authors! Thanks snd happy holidays!

    Would also love to be included in the giveaway for the Manuscript Critique by Jennifer Hayward. Such a great offer.

  7. Joanne B

    I love all the books by Carolyn Brown, but especially her Spikes and Spurs series, Longhorn Canyon series, Lucky Penny Ranch series, Burnt Boot, Texas series, Cowboys and Brides series, Happy, Texas series, and Honky Tonk Cowboys series.

  8. Silver

    Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors! The other authors I’ve read are Kylie Scott, Pippa Roscoe, and Susan Mallery.

  9. Audrey Stewart

    Lauren Helms and Susan Mallory are two authors I am such a fan of.

  10. Susan T.

    Read Tara Sue Me, Kate Roberts and Sawyer Bennet. Everyone else is new to me. Thanks for the chance ❤️

  11. janinecatmom

    A lot of these authors are new to me. Their books sound really good. Pippa Roscoe’s books sound really good. You can’t go wrong with billionaires or a Greek.

  12. anxious58

    Carolyn and Lisa are the only 2 authors I have read all the rest are new to me. Can’t think of a favorite off the top of my head.

  13. Athena Graeme

    These are all some great authors here, but I think I’ve read more Kleypas books than the other authors. They are all excellent. No losers in this group!

  14. Marcy Meyer

    Sawyer Bennett is one of my favorite authors. I love her hockey romances and everything else she writes. Kylie Scott is another amazing author.

  15. laurieg72

    First of all I love Lisa Kleypas’ books. I’ve been reading her books for several years.

    Katee Roberts I have not read. I prefer romance vs dark romance storylines.

    Nancy Naigle -I read Christmas Joy the week before Christmas. I enjoyed it and I would like to read more of her stories.

    Carolyn Brown- I’ve heard good things but I have not read her books yet.

    Kylie Scott new author for me.

    Pippa Roscoe I read one of her category romances. I liked it.

    Susan Mallery I’m a long time fan. Love her Fool’s Gold series.

    Michelle Renee, SE Rose and Sawyer Bennett new authors for me.

    Lara Helms and Tara Sue Me and Cam Johns are al new authors for me.

    I am an avid reader always on the look out for new authors to try.

  16. Jennifer Shiflett

    Kylie Scott, SE Rose, Sawyer Bennett & Katee Roberts are some of my favorites here.

  17. courtney kinder

    I love the Hathaways series by Lisa Kleypas.
    I love the Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallory.
    Nancy Naigle, Tara Sue Me, Cam Johns, and Michele Renae are new authors to me.

  18. Sue Galuska

    I have read every single Sawyer Bennett book….I just love her! I still want to read Lisa Kleypas…I’ve heard her historical books are great.

  19. Vicki Clevinger

    Most all the authors are new to me, except Susan Mallery. I love her Fool’s Gold series

  20. SusieQ

    I’ve read a lot of Susan Mallery, Sawyer Bennett and Carolyn Brown. I’ve really enjoyed their books. The rest of the authors are new to me.

  21. anna nguyen

    michele renae and lauren helms are new to me and their books all looks really interesting. i am familiar with the other auhtors.

  22. Texas Book Lover

    I absolutely loved Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive and Dive Bar series! They got me through some tough times!

  23. Karina Angeles

    I absolutely love Lisa Kleypas’s Cold-Hearted Rake. It’s an awesome read with it witty banter.

  24. Amy R

    I love Kylie Scott, I’ve reread/relistened to Repeat numerous times this year and I also love everything else I’ve read by her.

    Cold Fury series by Sawyer Bennet is my favorite series by her.

    I’ve only read 2 books by Lisa Kleypas.

    It’s been years since I read Susan Mallery but everything I read by her was enjoyable.

    I think these are new to me authors Nancy Naigle, Katee Robert, Carolyn Brown, Pippa Roscoe, Se Rose, Michele Renae, Lauren Helms, Tara Sue Me, Cam Johns

  25. smcmahon19

    Carolyn Brown is the only author I recognize and I have read many of her books. The rest are all new authors to me!☘️

  26. Kathy Partridge

    Love Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series, Tara Sue Me’s The Submissive & Lisa Kleypas’s Wallflower series. Nancy Naigle is new to me.

  27. Trudy Dowling

    I love the Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott. They are a yearly read. Sawyer Bennett writes a lot of wonderful books. Her hockey books a one-click, no question asked books.

  28. eawells

    I’ve enjoyed Sawyer Bennet’s books. It’s been a while since I’ve read Susan Mallery’s books.

  29. gemiinii90

    Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas, Play by Kylie Scott, and Ryker by Sawyer Bennett. Cam Johns and Lauren Helms are new to me.

    – Betul

  30. Eva Millien

    I have a read one book by Tara Sue Me and a couple by Katee Robert, I enjoyed all of them, but otherwise these are new to me authors and I can’t wait to get to know their stories! Have a happy, safe & healthy New Year!

  31. Artemis Giote

    Kylie Scott Is one of my favorite authors. I have read most of her books. Stage Dive is an amazing series. I have read books of Sawyer Bennett. I love her hockey’s series. I have read Katee Robert as well. Everyone else is new to me.

  32. erinf1

    Katee Robert!!! I’m reading her newest release right now 🙂 Hawt! thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Happy Holidays!

  33. Nina Lewis

    I am a huge Lisa Kleypas fan. Blue-eyed Devil is my favorite. And the Hathaways series! 🙂

  34. Cheryl C.

    I have enjoyed books by Lisa Kleypas, Carolyn Brown, Susan Mallery, and Nancy Naigle.

  35. diannekc

    I’ve read books by Lisa Kleypas, Nancy Nagle, Carolyn Brown and Susan Mallery and enjoyed their books. All the other authors are new to me.

  36. Marsha Bachmeier

    Loved the Wicked Horse series by Sawyer Bennett and pretty much all the books from Kylie Scott. They are the only ones I’ve read (that I can recall anyways,) but know of (and own some) from most of the other authors.

  37. mathlady68

    I love Lisa Kleypas, Carolyn Brown and Sawyer Bennett. Lauren Helms and Cam Johns are new to me.

  38. Glenda M

    SE Rose is the only author who is new to me. I’ve read most of the others and/or have books by them on my TBR. I’ve read a lot by Lisa Kleypas, Carolyn Brown, and Nancy Naigle. I love Lisa Kleypas’s historicals!!

  39. Jana Leah

    I enjoy Tara Sue Me’s Submissive series. Michele Renae is new to me.

  40. Crystal

    Can’t say I have any favorite authors here as all the authors new to me. As for favorite books don’t have any yet.

  41. Charlotte Litton

    I’ve read books by Lisa Kleypas, Susan Mallery, Carolyn Brown and Nancy Naigle, the others are new to me.

  42. Ellen C.

    I’ve read and liked books by Susan Mallery, LIsa Kleypas, Katee Robert, Carolyn Brown, Nancy Naigle. I have heard of most of the other authors, just haven’t read them.

  43. BookLady

    The Ravenels and Crystal Cove Series by Lisa Kleypas are some of my favorites.

  44. Lori H

    Se Rose, Michele Renae, Lauren Helms, Tara Sue Me, and Cam Johns are all new authors for me. Lisa Kleypas is an older fave.

  45. Susan S.

    Lots of new authors here, but I have read Susan Mallory and Nancy Naigle before.

  46. Linda Townsend

    Lisa Kleypas’ Chasing Cassandra is my favorite audio and book for 2020! I have loved all of her Ravenels. I have also thoroughly enjoyed all the stories by Susan Mallery that I’ve read.

  47. Tiffany Johnson

    I haven’t read any of these authors but excited to check them out!

  48. Dianna

    I’ve seen a few of the authors’ names before (Carolyn Brown, Susan Mallery) but haven’t had the opportunity to read their books yet!

  49. flchen1

    Lisa Kleypas, Katee Robert, Susan Mallery, Carolyn Brown are all favorites. Cam Johns is new to me!

  50. Janie McGaugh

    I’ve really enjoyed all the books I’ve ready by Lisa Kleypas. Marrying Winterborne is a particular favorite. I’ve recently read several of Susan Mallery’s books and enjoyed those, too.

  51. Patricia B.

    Authors I have read and enjoyed are LISA KLEYPAS (A Wallflower Christmas is a favorite), NANCY NAIGLE (Christmas Angels a favorite) , CAROLYN BROWN (I Love This Bar was fun), and SUSAN MALLERY (The Only Way Out) are all authors I have read and enjoyed. I have not heard of the others and their books tend not to be the type that I read.

  52. rkcjmomma

    My favorite authors here are Susan Mallery, Kylie Scott, Sawyer Bennett, Nancy Naigle, Carolyn Brown. New authrs are Michele Renae, Lauren Helms and Cam Johns.

  53. Irma

    I’ve read Lisa Kleypas, but not this series (*fingerscrossed*), I’ve read Kylie Scott (but not the books that are up for the prize), and I’ve read Tara Su Mae (again, not the book that are for the prize). I have yet to read all the other authors. I’m so excited!

  54. Anita H.

    This list is about half new and half favorites like Lisa Kleypas, Susan Mallery, Nancy Naigle, Carolyn Brown and Katee Roberts

  55. veRONIca

    Ive been reading Sawyer Bennett for years and love all if her work. I have not read Pippa Roscoe before so thatd be cool

  56. Sharlene Wegner

    One of my favorite Lisa Kleypas books is Mine Till Midnight. One of my favorite Caroline Brown books is Darn Good Cowboy Christmas. Katee Roberts is new to me.

  57. Lilah Chavez

    Omg Definitely one-clickers!
    Sawyer Bennett – cold fury series was one of the first books I’ve read by her!
    Kylie Scott , I floved Lies!
    Katee Robert!
    Lisa Kleypas!

    I have maybe 1/2 books on my tbr from Carolyn B, Tara Sue, Lauren , Nancy, Susan.

    Rose and Cam I’ve never heard of.