REVIEW: Slow Dance With The Italian by Scarlet Wilson

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Slow Dance With The Italian by Scarlet Wilson: Darcy was left at the altar after she rushed her wedding so her dying sister could be part of it. Now a year later, she receives a letter from her late sister with a bucket list that Darcy needs to complete. Darcy is content to stay within her quiet life, but wants to respect her sister’s wishes and maybe move forward more.

The first thing Darcy tries is taking a dance class. She has never been very good at dancing, but she gets paired with a man who makes her look like a ballroom dancing champion. He steps on her feet and is very apologetic. He is taking the class so he can stand in for his late father at his sister’s wedding.

Even though they have just met, Arturo, her clumsy dance partner, takes her off to Paris for 24 hours. She realizes he must have great wealth and is nervous about an ongoing relationship after that. They do bond over the losses they have both suffered. Will they be able to have a future when their lives are so different?

I liked that the author had a handsome hero that wasn’t perfect and had to deal with having “two left feet”. He was a very kind and caring man despite his wealth and wasn’t so wrapped up in work as many would be. It is always intriguing to have someone such as Arturo with a cultured background and accent to lend more romance to a story.

You have to admire Darcy. It would have been so easy for her to hide away after being jilted and then grieving her sister. It was brave that she was able to finally go forward with a nudge from her sister’s wish list.

This is the type of book I really enjoy with lots of hope and an uplifting storyline. No matter our age , we all need life-changing events in our lives.

Book Info:

Publication: June 1, 2024 | Harlequin Romance | The Life-Changing List #1

In the first installment of The Life-Changing List duet by Scarlet Wilson, a bucket list, a dance class and a far-too-charming Italian are about to turn one woman’s world upside down…


Receiving a bucket list from her late sister, Darcy’s forced out of her self-imposed comfort zone—into a dance class with charismatic Arturo! It’s obvious the Italian’s dealing with his own losses, but they clearly share a connection. So she can’t deny his offer of help when next she adopts a boisterous puppy! Falling for the pup is easy, but can she open her guarded heart to Arturo as well?



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