REVIEW: Snowbound with Her Mountain Cowboy by Patricia Johns

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Snowbound with Her Mountain Cowboy (The Second Chance Club #4) by Patricia Johns is a very interesting story! Angelina Cunningham is the owner of a luxury resort. One day, Benjamin King, her ex-husband, appears injured by having an accident and without remembering anything about his life—suffering temporary amnesia. Because they were about to receive the so-called “snowstorm of the century”, Angie had to shelter Ben while the storm lasted, as it was impossible for him to return home due to the weather and the conditions he was in. During their time together, they reconnect emotionally but, will it last? What will happen when Ben has his memory back… and the reason why he went to visit Angie is revealed?

Ben, the heir to a prominent family, and Angie, a middle-class “regular girl,” met in their twenties on a cruise ship. The crush was immediate and they were married in record time. However, their marriage was broken just as quickly due to the pressures of being the wife of a billionaire of the caliber of the King family for Angie and Ben’s taking his family’s side. In the 13 years the couple have been separated, they live cordially and have seen each other on a few occasions. Back in the present, Angie feels that it’s dangerous to be around Ben as she’s in danger of falling in love with her ex again. Ben, for his part, is in a kind of limbo; With amnesia, he discovers certain things about his life and his family that he doesn’t like very much.

Ben is, with or without amnesia, a man loyal to his family and is responsible for the empire created by his grandfather and father, but this leaves Angie at a disadvantage, who ended up heartbroken by the divorce. Since then, she has grown cautious and has come through with determination and business acumen. She has created an elite resort with an impeccable reputation. The chemistry between Ben and Angie has never waned and is remarkable, but the love between them was complicated and was not enough to overcome the obstacles.

Although we can see the perspective of both main characters, the story is developed through Angie’s points of view regarding what happened between them, due to Ben’s amnesia factor. However, Angie doesn’t capitalize the narrative of the plot, creating a very well achieved balance. Additionally, supporting characters help make the story rich in detail, presenting a complete picture. The fact that this book belongs to a series (the few scenes of Angie with her “Second Chance” friends are phenomenal) adds to the dynamism of the story. Also, the stories of some secondary characters, bring shine to the main theme.

I should mention that there are times when the book falls in unnecessary gaps that interrupt the rhythm. On the other hand, the process of recovering from Ben’s amnesia, the “fragments floating around with absolutely no context” of his memory, as the hero himself describes it, was so well used that it transcends the book’s minor flaws.

The fourth installment of The Second Chance Club series, is a story with a lot of character and maturity —and not precisely because the hero and the heroine are in their forties— that is very entertaining and alluring.


Book Info:

Publication: November 30th, 2021 | Harlequin Heartwarming | The Second Chance Club #4

A lost memory…
Could mean a second chance!

Mountain resort owner Angelina Cunningham has her hands full with a massive winter storm. Which is exactly when her ex-husband arrives, injured and suffering temporary amnesia. Ben King has always been her weakness. Though he doesn’t remember her, he’s still as charming and sweet as ever, and Angelina is falling for him all over again. But can their rekindled love outlast the storm and the return of their past mistakes?

The Second Chance Club

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Book 2: Mountain Mistletoe Christmas
Book 3: Rocky Mountain Baby
Book 4: Snowbound with Her Mountain Cowboy



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