REVIEW: Talk Cowboy to Me by Carolyn Brown

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Talk Cowboy to Me (Lucky Cowboys #1) by Carolyn Brown started out reminding me of Cowboy Christmas Miracle, where the two main characters have to work together and share a house to try to win the “Who will get the ranch” contest. But I have to tell you, that is where the similarity ends. When you add 4 kids, a funny dog, and a roster that only crows at night and you have a heartwarming, rip roaring, hold my sides cause I can’t stop laughing good old fashion Cowboy time. This is the story of Adele and Rem.

Adele O’Donnell was left by her husband, forced to leave the ranch she loved, taking her and her two daughters closer to family and in the hunt for a new place to set down roots and that is exactly what the Double Deuce Ranch offers them, a fresh start. But she will have to get around Remington Luckadeau first, and she will have to stop dreaming about him is she wants too win the ranch.

Rem Luckadeau is looking for a place of his own. He has a reputation of being a love em and leave em kind a guy, but now he has responsibilities in the form of his two nephews, left to him after the death of his brother. Now he just wants to get back to his roots, teach the boys to love the land as much as he does, make something that he can be proud of and teach the boys to be good, honest men.

When Both families want the Double Deuce, they are thrown into a contest, each has 1 month to do everything that the owner wants done, and at the end of that time, the one that is able to show that they have the best handle of the ranch wins. But as the O’Donnell ladies and the Luckadeau men work together to get the job done, they start to care and worry about how losing the ranch will affect the other. The kids begin to grow closer and act like siblings, and Adele and Rem heat up the nights with their attraction and sparks. With a truce in place, who will win the ranch and who will lose their heart to love?

I loved the interaction with the O’Donnell girls. OMG the little one was so funny that she had me laughing at the supper time prayers and her interaction with the boys. This book has some seriousness as well when Rem’s dad gets sick and he has to rush home with the boys,but the absence only makes the O’Donnell ladies realize what the Luckadeau men figure out at the same time, they are all meant to be on the ranch, they are all meant to be there together, as a family.


Book Info:

Publication: March 7th 2017 | Sourcebooks Casablanca | Lucky Cowboys #1

One cowboy. One cowgirl. One ranch.
Who will win the Double Deuce by the Fourth of July?

Adele O’Donnell knew that Double Deuce Ranch had to be hers the second she walked onto the property. Freshly divorced, she sees it as the perfect spot for her and the kids to start a new life. Remington Luckadeau was always a carefree playboy…until his suddenly orphaned nephews became his responsibility. The Double Deuce Ranch would be the perfect place to raise two boys. But some fiery woman is fighting him for it, and Remington is not sharing-no matter how the sparks fly when he and Adele are together.



6 Responses to “REVIEW: Talk Cowboy to Me by Carolyn Brown”

  1. Kathleen O

    I have already read this book and it was a fantastic read. I loved the play between the adults and the kids. Jett was just so sassy and her sister was a nonsense young gal who knew what had to be done and god help you if you got in her way. They were the best of their mom. And Remy for taking over raising his two nephews.. Well you just have to love a man who steps up does the right thing… I just loved this book.

  2. Teresa Williams

    Have shared this everywhere.I’m getting this payday.I have an amount I can spend for books when the 1 st comes around each month and this is on top of the list

  3. Melissa Keith

    Howdy from Austin! I am so excited about this book. First in a new series… Cowboys… Can’t wait to get it. I’m really excited! Excellent review, btw.

  4. Banana cake

    I always love Carolyn Brown! I am looking forward to reading this book.