REVIEW: Taming the Italian Bad Boy by Joanne Walsh

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Taming-the-Italian-Bad-BoyTaming the Italian Bad Boy by Joanne Walsh
Ms. Walsh takes her readers into the land of international playboys, this time bringing together a girl from England and a playboy from Italy. While the plot is a bit familiar Ms. Walsh does a good job of making it her own. I wish she had granted herself more time and space to be able to flush out her ideas a bit more, though overall it was a good novella. The smells I think are what come out most with her descriptions. You will definitely finish the book with odd cravings for lemons and olives.

Book Info:

03S September 16th 2015 | Tule Publishing | International Bad Boys #11

Wealthy, incredibly sexy Italian entrepreneur Danilo Spinozzi zooms into Lucy Luxton’s life on a motorcycle one quiet afternoon, and she can’t keep her mind or eyes off him. The people of Ravello, a small town on the Amalfi Coast where she is studying jewelry design, warn her that he is the town’s bad boy and a ruthless womanizer, but how can Lucy keep her distance when he is the one man who looks beyond her shy, plump exterior and sees the sensuous and creative woman about to bloom?

Devastated by the one woman in his life who should have loved and protected him, Danillo Spinozzi has had good reason to avoid long-term commitment. But after he takes one look at Lucy and basks in her kindness and unassuming, voluptuous beauty, he needs to make her his for more than a handful of nights. She’s a girl who deserves to be treated right, a tall order when he’s left a trail of broken female hearts behind. He’s going to have to do something he’s never done before—stay and woo her.

Even though Lucy knows she’s due to return home to England at the end of August and that Danilo will move on to his next conquest, she can’t resist him… Or has Danilo really changed his ways for good?



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