REVIEW: Tempted by Her Convenient Husband by Charlotte Hawkes

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Tempted by Her Convenient Husband by Charlotte Hawkes: Billionaire Lukas Woods agrees to marry Octavia Hendlington for a business advantage. Octavia, who is also Lady Octavia, agrees to marry Lukas for her father’s sake. She has only briefly met Lukas before the wedding. Lukas thinks Octavia, who prefers to be called Oti, has been off in rehab for another stint to tame her “party girl” habits. She did have a scandalous reputation during her teen years. Lukas doesn’t know Oti is a well trained doctor who has been using her skills in Sudan.

Both Lukas and Oti have issues with their fathers that have had serious impacts on their lives. Lukas has built a huge wall around his heart and is afraid he could turn into all the bad things his father was if he cared too much for anyone. Oti has gone in the opposite direction and her life is all about caring and giving herself to others in need. The author shows her compassion and concern. At the same time, Oti is afraid to get close to Lukas since theirs is just supposed to be a marriage of convenience.

The author does a fabulous job of slowly building the chemistry between Oti and Lukas. The reader sees how Lukas’s heart is warmed a little at a time when he goes with Oti back to Sudan.

The author has written other novels for Harlequin Medical Romance. I have not read any of them, but her research for this book is evident and lends a very authentic touch. With her talent, author Charlotte Hawkes could probably write in any sub-genre, but she brings this medical story to life.


Book Info:

Publication: August 24, 2021 | Harlequin Medical Romances |

Can this emergency marriage…
…last a lifetime?
Dr. Octavia Hendlington—aka Lady Octavia—only agreed to marry handsome, iron-willed billionaire Lukas Woods to help her father. The inconvenient attraction that sizzles between them is disconcerting… And then Lukas discovers his wife is not the “it” girl he thought, but a doctor who volunteers in the Sudan. As he accompanies her to Africa, Octavia also discovers the “real” Lukas Woods—and suddenly her “convenient” husband is just too hard to resist!



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