REVIEW: The Accidental Dating Experiment by Lauren Blakely

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The Accidental Dating Experiment by Lauren Blakely: Co-hosting a popular dating podcast with your best friends younger sister, who you have also had a very secret summer fling with is well less than ideal. Which is why for the past eight years now Monroe has tried his hardest to resist any lingering feelings that he might have for Juliet, and to say this has been a challenge would be an understatement. Well things are about to get a whole lot harder for Monroe seeing as he is about to spend the next week alone with Juliet in a cute costal cottage that has been gifted to them by a loyal fan. Now not only does Monroe have to contend with being in the place that holds all the memories of their unforgettable summer but Juliet has asked him to be her dating coach… well there is no way that Monroe is going to help her get with other guys, if she wants dating tips then he will take her on three dates to show her the ropes. Only problem with this plan is once they share their first date there is no way Monroe is ready to let go of Juliet again… between the sweet unguarded moments with Juliet and being back home, Monroe needs to figure out if he is truly the kind of guy that is worthy of a girl like Juliet…

I love reading a Lauren Blakely book and The Dating Experiment is true to her easy romantic writing style, this book was filled with banter, angst and so much of swoon. I really enjoyed getting to follow Juliet and Monroe as they navigated their unresolved feelings. There was a really nice balance between the second chance romance trope and the brothers best friend trope, I liked that there was a secret element to this romance that just added to to intrigue.

Both Monroe and Juliet were really great characters, they truly played into the grump meets sunshine vibe and this kind of just worked especially when engaging their listeners. The real magic however was the underlying tension between them, while for the most part they played it cool it was impossible to deny their mutual attraction. I loved Juliet and her eternal optimism and sunshine personality. I really liked how relatable she was especially her struggle to get past the first date with all of her online matches. All in all she was a total treat to follow and I also loved that she was lowkey trying to play matchmaker for her friends. As for our hero Monroe, well he was desperately trying to play it cool but his feelings for Juliet were undeniable. I loved that he was so gone for her the idea of coaching her to date another man just made his blood boil. I really enjoyed getting to see Monroe work through his commitment phobias and figure that he is worthy of love.

With loads of banter and some rather steamy moments it was hard to find a fault with this couple. Aside from being attracted to each other physically, I really enjoyed getting to see these two work through their emotional hurdles. There was a really nice balance between steamy and emotional in this book, granted there were a few miscommunications along the way.

The Accidental Dating Experiment melds together the best of the brothers best friend trope, fake dating turned real, forced proximity and second chance romance. This book is a definite must read!

Book Info:

Publication: June 6, 2024 | Lauren Blakely Books | How to Date #4

Eight years ago I fell into a secret summer fling with the bright, big-hearted Juliet before our lives went in different directions.

Now, I’m the grumpy to her sunshine on a popular dating podcast we host, and when a wealthy fan gives us a charming coastal cottage as the biggest thank you ever, we head to the town where I grew up to give it a makeover.

And find the house has only one bed.

Located under a mirrored ceiling.

To make matters even harder, the woman I’ve been pining for tells me she wants to try to find the one and would I please be her dating coach for the week?

Like hell I’ll let her date other men. I’ll coach her on three dates with me.

But the second I take her out, I don’t feel like her teacher. I feel like she’s mine, especially when the first night ends with us tangled up together in that bed.

Each night we grow closer, but this dating experiment forces me to face my greatest fear – whether a man like me is worthy of her love.

Even though I’m already head over heels for her.



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