REVIEW: The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon

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The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon is a thoroughly solid and enjoyable amnesia themed romance.

Shocked to find the Director of her 6 week placement is Dr Gil Alexander – the very same man she shared an unforgettable time with in the past, Dr Clemmie Francis is in panic mode. Does he remember her? Was their time as unforgettable as she remembers it? Is this going to make for the.most.awkward 6 weeks? Why didn’t he call her like he promised? A million thoughts race through Clemmie’s mind. Unfortunately Gil doesn’t remember Clemmie but he knows she’s the girl in the photograph that’s stayed in the back of his wallet all this time.

Annie Claydon has written such a solidly superb medical romance that I was saddened to wrap the last page and wrap up a miniseries I felt as well as enjoyed. Gil’s amnesia was well written. The road travelled by Gil and Clemmie was weaved through all the additional characters who were so well written. They were written with care and attention and love they deserved. It was lovely catching up with Sam and Yaris from book 1 and their twins. Each page turned helped escalate me to the inevitable climax of Gil and Clemmie addressing their past.

I really did feel this story. The additional characters were written with as much care and love as Gil and Clemmie were. I felt the care and I think the story is timeless. So very much enjoyed and if there’s ever a chance I would absolutely read more of the Dr’s and nurses within St Barnaba’s Hospital.

Book Info:

Publication: October 2021 | Harlequin Medical Romance | Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital

In this Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital story, former workaholic Dr. Gil Alexander is happy with the slower-paced life he was forced to adopt following his traumatic brain injury. The only things missing are his memories of just before the accident. But when Dr. Clemmie Francis is temporarily assigned to his rehabilitation center, he can’t shake the feeling he’s met this captivating yet cautious doctor before…and that this isn’t the first time he’s experienced their explosive chemistry!

Reunited at St. Barnabas’s Hospital duet
Book 1 – Twins for the Neurosurgeon by Louisa Heaton
Book 2 – The Doctor’s Reunion to Remember by Annie Claydon



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