REVIEW: The Greek’s Forgotten Marriage by Maya Blake

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The Greek’s Forgotten Marriage is Maya Blake’s stunningly immersive and heart gripping beauty of a second chance story which I never want to forget.

We meet Imogen pausing at the steps of a little intimate church, summonsing brave breath, throwing her shoulders back and barging in to stop her husband from getting married to someone else. This was the start of an incredible journey I didn’t want to stop. Bringing her fisherman husband back to his super yacht, his homes around the world and his multi billions wasn’t easy but once Zephyr stepped foot back onto his yacht he instinctively took charge in the most beautifully magnificent way only a true Presents Hero can.

Thrown by this laughing, caring and passionate man, Imogen is reluctant to lower her walls and let Zephyr in. She knows their marriage is one of convenience but Zephyr, knowing something isn’t quite right, trusts his instincts and goes after his wife with every action he can possibly think of. As we tumble towards the inevitable memory recall , emotions are high, power play is on point and hearts are unthawing.

Maya Blake has created what I think is a perfect tale. In one corner we have the world’s most fiercest billionaire. His control and authority pours from the pages but the delicate glimpse of a beautiful soul is shining through. In the other corner we have a fierce boss babe who, despite her young age, is breaking glass ceilings and won’t be walked over by anyone, including her tall, dark and handsome husband. She’s slaying her world and as each day passes she steps out of her cold and dark little world into the light and warmth Zephyr’s arms provide.

Brilliant! Just brilliant, magical, heart wrenching, gripping and powerful romance which has left me feeling like I never, ever want to forget the feelings this one evoked in me. I wouldn’t change a single word, moment or feeling reading the Greek’s forgotten Marriage made me feel and for those reasons I give this story every single shining star there is.

Book Info:

Publication: April 2023 | Harlequin Presents |

Imogen has finally tracked down her missing husband Zeph Diamandis…at the altar! She’s just in time to stop his convenient wedding to another woman. Since he mysteriously vanished, she’s been tirelessly searching for him. But it’s clear Zeph has no recollection of their business-deal union!

Zeph is stunned that he already has a wife. Their bodies instantly remember each other, yet Imogen is as guarded as she is beautiful. And as Zeph slowly pieces his memories back together, one thing is for certain: this time, an on-paper marriage won’t be enough!



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