REVIEW: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

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In The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Vampire Michael Vanderhorst should not be forced to live in the perpetually sunny, sweltering city known as Phoenix, but if it means keeping his constant-damsel-in-distress librarian Miriam safe then he’ll endure it. Michael would do anything to not only hold on to the unique connection they have together, but to also keep Miriam from becoming a monster like him. And she doesn’t realize how close she is to learning about vampires being real, or that the possibility is looming of her having to be turned into a vampire as her only hope to make the Council happy.

‘I have kissed many women throughout my existence, but it has never felt like this–as if she is reaching down inside my chest and wrapping her warm hand around my cold heart. Whatever this is, I want more.’

Sadly, Michael has more on his mind than his adorable yet ungraceful little librarian. He’s just become the first vamp leader to have two separate locations to rule. A feat that will be challenging enough. However, he’s also been asked by the Council to find and eliminate five hundred newly–and illegally–made vampires. Something Michael isn’t keen on doing, considering his days as an assassin for the Council should be long gone. But for an immortal like himself, Michael also has to admit that having a problem to work out or a mystery to solve might be just what he needs to feel alive again. Well, as alive as a vampire can be.

‘My inner vampire does a pirouette, high-fives itself, and then howls out a victory cry. There is little in this world as exciting as a good mystery besides solving one. And I think I just have.’

And the plot thickens! Everyone’s favorite vampire, Michael Vanderhorst, was back to face down the mystery of his connection with clumsy librarian Miriam as well as locate five hundred fledgling vamps. No easy task. But with Michael’s illustrious past careers, he’s just the man, er, vampire for the job.

‘When I am with her, I feel. Her pain, her joy, her fear. And it is addicting. Even if I do not understand it.’

I certainly do adore Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s writing style. Between the humor, the quirky but (mostly) lovable cast, and the whiplash-inducing plot twists, how can a reader go wrong? I have to say that there’s something quite special, though, about this particular series. It has all of the cool paranormal elements I look for: details of the vampires’ abilities and daily lives, their background, and how they came to survive/thrive in the modern world. Plus this is ultimately a mystery, not necessarily a romance. So it’s been fun piecing everything together. And of course, in true MJP fashion, just when I thought I had it all worked out, nope…she threw another curve ball into the mix and I had to start over putting the puzzle together again. (Which I love about her books!)

Even though this was a continuation from book one, you can read these as standalones. Mimi included enough background info to jump in here with no problem. But honestly, this series is so fun, I would highly recommend reading it from the beginning anyway. This installment found Michael a wee bit in over his head, which was pretty funny–and endearing–to watch. Some of the scenes were an absolute hoot. My favorite of which was Michael hosting story time at the library and dealing with all the kids. So. Funny. We caught up with the other cast members as well: Miriam in all her deathwish-on-sensible-heels glory; Michael’s BFF Lula, who not only kept him on his toes but who shook things up in his world this time around; his assistant Viviana, a woman who definitely deserves a raise after everything she endured here; and it wouldn’t be complete without a bizarre visit (or two) from Mr. Nice, crazy accent and all.

One thing I was surprised by was what we learned about Michael’s past as an assassin. There was some depth of emotion tied to that part of his past that I wasn’t quite expecting, but that I thought was an honest reflection of someone who was in the position he was in at the time. I really felt like it explained why Michael tried so hard to be the good guy and why he was uber protective of his wonderful bond with Miriam.

A complex vampire mystery with laugh-out-loud moments and an utterly charming hero, The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant 2 is a prime example of Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s stellar writing ability.

Book Info:

Publication: October 23rd 2018 | Mimi Boutique | The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant #2

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes a humorous, standalone mystery, The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant, Book 2. (Yep! It’s a standalone. The boring title is just to mess with you!)


Michael Vanderhorst has always been a lone wolf. Or lone vampire? Whatever. Point is, this ancient gentleman vampire is obsessed. She’s quirky, a horrible dresser, and the cutest librarian he’s ever seen. The question is, why her? In four hundred years, no one has ever captured his attention like this. He must find out, which is why he just signed on as her new assistant.

The problem is, she has no idea vampires exist or that she’s just broken one of their laws. As the leader of his territory, Michael has been ordered by his council to turn her or kill her. “Over my dead body!”

To overturn the ruling, Michael needs the council on his side, and right now they’re asking him to hunt down and execute five hundred vampires no one can seem to locate. Unfortunately, his assassin days are long over, and he’s not so sure he can go back to killing.

But with Miriam’s life on the line and their unusual bond growing stronger each day, will he dust off the old sword or give her the bite that will make her his forever?



14 Responses to “REVIEW: The Librarian’s Vampire Assistant 2 by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff”

  1. orioles4ever

    IMO, Ms. Pamfiloff is one, the best creative authors and so happy to see the perfect combination of a great review and 5 stars. This is on my must buy list!

    • Michele H

      Awww, thanks. I couldn’t agree more about MJP! You just never know where her stories will take you but you know it will be one incredible ride to the end! 😉

  2. Kathy Valentine

    Excellent review!!! I’ve got both 1&2 on my tbr gr list!! Shared on all my socials!!

    • Michele H

      Thank you so much!! I hope you have as much fun reading this series as I have. Michael is a great character–and the rest of the cast isn’t too shabby, either. lol 😉

    • Michele H

      Thanks, Renee! I know you like Mimi’s work so I think this series will be a win for you. It’s got everything she’s known for: comical dialogue, quirky characters, plot twists, solid storyline and it’s paranormal *and* a mystery. What’s not to like, right? 😉

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