REVIEW: The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren

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The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren will surprise readers with its emotional dialogue, honest characters, and well-written words. First off all, this cover is everything. Secondly, I was expecting far more angst then what the author created. Don’t get me wrong, there is angst, but it could have been much worse, and for that, I’m thankful to this author. After starting this book, I had to prepare myself for the possibility that the author was going to rip out my heart, because the subject matter is all too real, but surprisingly, there are some sweet moments that make you appreciate life and what you have to live for.

Liv Arias has to relive the worst day of her life, when she agrees to an interview about her school shooting. Not only did Liv almost die on that day, but most of her classmates did, and the boy she was in love with, packed his bags and left. Liv isn’t the only one doing the interview, though, Finn is back and with him, the emotions that Liv has closed away.

Finn was hailed the town’s hero that night. But to him, he’s anything but. Finn kept Liv as his dirty little secret, during high school. She was the gardener’s daughter and his family was wealthy and ran in different circles. But there was something about Liv that kept Finn coming back to her, even though he had a girlfriend. That night he was in the closet making out with Liv, while his date was waiting for him. When he heard about the gun, he left Liv all alone, only to take a bullet for his date, making him a hero.

Finn now works for the FBI. He’s still trying to get over that night, but he’s chasing shadows. Finn is protective, loyal, and cares about Liv. Teenage Finn, on the other hand, was an idiot. He kept Liv in the shadows and it’s something that he has to live with. He didn’t make the best of choices, but the choices he did make, weren’t made callously.

I really enjoyed how the author focused on Liv and the other girls. Liv and the other survivors became good friends and forged a bond that will benefit them later on. Let’s just say when the shit hits the fan, with Finn, those friends have Liv’s back. They provide each other with much needed support and encouragement, that really adds to the story. The relationship between Finn and Liv was heartbreaking at times, but sweet, loving, and passionate, as well. Definitely one of the better romances I’ve read lately. Overall, a wonderful read about moving on. Can’t wait to read the other books in this series.

Book Info:

Publication: January 2nd 2018 | Sourcebooks Casablanca | The Ones Who Got Away #1

Twelve years ago, tragedy struck the senior class of Long Acre High School. Only a small number of students survived, a group the media dubbed as The Ones Who Got Away.

Now, web designer Liv Arias, along with the rest of the survivors, have returned to the small Texas town to tell their stories for a documentary. Which means Liv seeing former star-athlete and old flame Finn Dorsey. A lot happened between them that night and Liv is ready to end their decade-long riff and move on. But when her attempt at closure turns into a steamy kiss, moving on proves much more difficult than either of them thought…

Liv’s words cut off as Finn got closer. The man approaching was nothing like the boy she’d known. The bulky football muscles had streamlined into a harder, leaner package. The smooth face was now dusted with scruff, and the look in his deep green eyes held no trace of boyish innocence. A thousand things were in those eyes. A thousand things welled up in Liv.



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