REVIEW: The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher

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In The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher, Persephone May finds herself yet again having to move to a different town after her unexplained powers cause havoc in the coffee shop where she’s been working recently. At thirty-two years old you would think she would have figured out how to control her odd abilities. And that her research would have come up with some hint of her family after spending her entire childhood in the foster care system, being moved around constantly. But Persephone’s only constant in life seems to be loneliness. So in turn, her only true wish has always been to find a place where she feels loved, safe, and at peace.

‘Even as she remained steadfast in her search for answers, Persephone May stayed lost. And a lost thing is always waiting to be found.’

When the only person Persephone has created a friendship with, Hyacinth Ever, sends her an email asking her to visit Hyacinth’s home on Wile Isle, she knows this is her chance to go somewhere of her own choosing. Not just where the next odd job is. And even though Wile Isle has enough energy to slightly frighten Persephone, she somehow feels at home once she walks ashore the first time. But the more she learns once she settles into Ever house and meets several locals, the more she knows she’s being drawn into a dangerous quest to rid the island of a curse. With Hyacinth’s help–and that of a few other witches and beings–Persephone learns about her own true origin and powers. And that all magic has its cost.

‘On Wile Isle, the rules were clear and concise. Learn from the light, seek the Goddess, and harm none.’

A highly imaginative, delightfully detailed fantasy/paranormal, The Orphan Witch was a layered story that combined magic, loss, longing for family, and the ultimate sacrifice one witch made for love.

‘Persephone had only ever wanted one thing: to belong. To have family who loved and supported her, and to find her place in this world.’

Can we first take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous book cover? Ripped right out of the story, the colors and the hint of magic drew me in right away. And that was just a precursor to this intricately woven tale with multiple POVs and a few different timelines as well. It could be a lot to take in at times. But from the first moments when Persephone graced the page, I could *feel* her loneliness and that near desperation she had to find her family. The fact that she grew up in foster care, never connecting with anyone, and at present was in her early thirties really drove home how long she had been completely on her own. My heart broke for her immediately.

It was once Persephone arrived at Wile Isle that it all changed. In many ways, things got even more complex. She had to learn how to use her powers as a witch–after she actually found out she *was* a witch, that is. Persephone struggled with harnessing her powers at first. But it was lovely to watch her blossom as she formed friendships and a very tight bond with Hyacinth and Moira. There were several characters, some were her family, some people from the island, who played a big factor in what happened as the mystery behind the island’s curse and what happened to Persephone’s family unraveled.

The Orphan Witch was a grand adventure I would gladly take again. Author Paige Crutcher included several elements seamlessly–family drama, romance, mystery, and thrills–to form a unique experience perfect for readers’ autumn reading list.

QOTD: Are you a fan of witch-related novels, whether it’s paranormal, fantasy, cozy mysteries, or nonfiction (such as the Salem witch trials)? Suggestions welcomed!


Book Info:

Publication: Published September 28th, 2021 | St. Martin’s Griffin |

A deeper magic. A stronger curse. A family lost…and found.

Persephone May has been alone her entire life. Abandoned as an infant and dragged through the foster care system, she wants nothing more than to belong somewhere. To someone. However, Persephone is as strange as she is lonely. Unexplainable things happen when she’s around—changes in weather, inanimate objects taking flight—and those who seek to bring her into their family quickly cast her out. To cope, she never gets attached, never makes friends. And she certainly never dates. Working odd jobs and always keeping her suitcases half-packed, Persephone is used to moving around, leaving one town for another when curiosity over her eccentric behavior inevitably draws unwanted attention.

After an accidental and very public display of power, Persephone knows it’s time to move on once again. It’s lucky, then, when she receives an email from the one friend she’s managed to keep, inviting her to the elusive Wile Isle. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. However, upon arrival, Persephone quickly discovers that Wile is no ordinary island. In fact, it just might hold the very things she’s been searching for her entire life.

Answers. Family. Home.

And some things she did not want. Like 100-year-old curses and an even older family feud. With the clock running out, love might be the magic that saves them all.



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