REVIEW: Too Much of a Good Thing? by Joss Wood

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Too Much of a Good Thing? by Joss Wood: Lu Sheppard is on the edge of a new chapter in her life. When she was 19, her parents died unexpectedly and she was left in charge of her 8-year old twin brothers. Now they’re off to University, and she’s left in a huge house with two cats and two dogs – and no idea what to do with herself.

TMOAGTWill Scott is in Durban because he owes Kelby big time. Kelby put Will’s life back on track and now that the ‘Rays are without a head coach, stepping in to help in the interim is the least he can do. He’s retired from Rugby, but maybe coaching, even just for three months, will give him an idea of whether he’d be good at the job long-term.

When Lu’s brothers challenge her to live for herself, she reluctantly decides to try a few new things. Going clubbing with her life-long friend, Mak – is just a first step. But it’s *so* not for her. In fact, she’s so unaware of the scene that she has to be rescued by another patron. Namely, Will Scott. He wanted to resist talking to her, even though he could sense sparks between them standing one story up. The choice was taken out of his hands when he notices she’s gotten into trouble, and her companion is nowhere to be found.

Stupid Kelby put the notion in Will’s brain to be friends with someone BEFORE sleeping with them, so that’s what he decides to do once he realizes he feels comfortable around Lu. Unfortunately, they both want more – even though they start off agreeing that sleeping together would be a disaster. She needs someone to ease her back in to living in the real world, and he needs someone to hang out with to prove that he’s changed.

So… they’re off to cooking demonstrations, pottery classes, surfing lessons, and a ton of other things they’d never do alone. Lu steadfastly refuses to try skydiving, but Will is still trying to convince her. They have an amazing friendship… until they actually do decide to have ‘one night’ together. One night, no strings, no regrets, forget it in the morning and go back to normal sex. Yeah, right.

When it comes time for Will to go back to New Zealand, can they open up enough to be honest with each other? Love on a deadline – it just never works out that way.

I LOVED this book. The hero and heroine had an attraction I could absolutely feel. The secondary characters were just crackling with life. I believed everything that happened in this story would be real if the people existed, and that’s an amazing thing. When a book draws me in like this one, I hesitate to remove it from my tablet – just to remind myself to read it again later.

Book Info:

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Published November 19th 2013 by Harlequin KISS

Be careful what you wish for!

It’s time for Lu Sheppard to get back in the game—fact. After ten years of playing mom to her younger brothers the boys have left home and she’s determined to make up for lost time! Item number one on her list? A man to have some fun with!

Rugby coach Will Scott is just what Lu needs to ease herself back into the dating game. Only in town temporarily, king of the fling…he’s perfect. But his kisses are so electric that remembering they have an expiry date is getting harder. Suddenly Lu starts wondering…maybe it is possible to have too much of a good thing!

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