REVIEW: Top Trouble by Tara Sue Me

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Top Trouble: A Submissive Series Standalone Novel by Tara Sue Me: Evan and Kelly have been bickering for years. As two Dominants in the local play group, they have been deliberately getting each other riled up in part as a distraction from the overwhelming attraction they feel. Two Dominants in one relationship isn’t a mix that could work, but Evan finds himself regretting not pursuing Kelly anyway when he learns she’s moving away.

Kelly is looking forward to her move to Texas to be closer to family and friends, but she’ll miss the group of friends she’s found in the play group. She enjoys the group, but she’s also never found someone she wanted to commit to for the long term. Evan may come across as laid back and easy going, but he’s very comfortable giving commands.

Evan and Kelly finally give in to the attraction simmering between them, but it all falls apart the next morning. Despite how things ended, neither can move on or forget the night they shared. The distance seems impossible until a series of coincidences throw them back together.

She rolled her eyes. “Seriously? Does that line work for you?”
“I’m not sure,” he said with a grin. “I’ve never used it before. Ask me tomorrow how it goes.”
“You’re something else, you know that don’t you?”

Being forced back together is a blessing in disguise. They have a chance to work through what went wrong between them and see each other in a new light. They have the freedom to reconnect without being in the spotlight. With an unexpected turn of events, they need each other to solve a mystery and eliminate the danger.

“What?” she asked, finally finding her voice.
“You think too loud,” he said.
“How is that even possible?” And why did everyone say that to her?
“Damned if I know. You’re the only person I know who does it.”

Top Trouble is fun, sexy, and engaging. Tara Sue Me created an interesting pairing with banter, plenty of heat, and surprises along the way. Tara Sue Me provided a great cast of characters to include new characters and familiar faces from the Submissisve series. Top Trouble can be read as a standalone with the Submissives series. Fans of Roni Loren and Katee Robert will enjoy Top Trouble.


Book Info:

Publication: Published August 17th 2019 | After Six Publishing |

Some say they’ve been arguing for years.
Others say it’s just a really long foreplay session.
When Kelly moves from Wilmington, Delaware to Dallas, Texas, Evan regrets all the time they spent arguing and knows he made a mistake in letting her go. A wedding allows them the opportunity to reconnect and they spend a passionate night together. Yet when morning comes Kelly seems further away than ever.

Kelly has her reasons for treating Evan the way she did, not to mention a secret or two she’s never shared with anyone. If she hurt Evan, she’s sorry but she had no other choice. Besides, they’re both Tops, and they’d never be right together.

An unexpected situation forces them back together, and for a couple who’s done little else than bicker, the danger they find themselves in might be what they need to finally admit how they feel for each other.

Or it might be what pulls them apart forever.



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