REVIEW: Under Your Spell by Laura Wood

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Under Your Spell by Laura Wood: Clementine Monroe is not having the best run of luck at the moment, after being dumped by her cheating ex and getting fired from her dream job, her sisters decides to take her out of a night of girl bonding to cheer Clemmie up a bit. After one to many drinks the sisters find themselves reviving an old childhood called the break up spell. Seeing no harming in partaking in a bit of fun Clementine goes along with her sisters plan, little did she know just what would happen next… next thing Clemmie knows she has managed to accidentally ruin a funeral, have a one night stand and worst of all her new job entails her spending six weeks alone with rockstar, Theo Elliot. The last thing that Clemmie wants to be doing is spending the summer with a rockstar much less realising that she actually kind of likes the guy… but what is a girl to do when she vowed never to fall for a musician but that is just the thing she finds herself doing…

I just loved this book to bits, I had no idea that I would be such a fan of the rockstar trope but Under Your Spell definitely won me over. There was something a bit reminiscent of Practical Magic meets Charmed in this book, that I for one really liked. With an easy and captivating writing style it was easy to get lost in this book and totally lose track of time. I just loved that this book combined the beautiful relationship Clemmie had with her sisters and the slow build of the friends to lovers romance she formed with Theo.

I truly loved Clem as a leading character, she was easy to relate to and I loved getting to follow her as she grew through the course of this book. I will say my heart truly broke for her and her past with men, which only made me understand her reluctance to allow a rockstar into her heart. I really liked that this book was so therapy and mental health positive and we truly get to see how Clem works through her trust issues and allows Theo into her heart. As for our charming rockstar, Theo, well he was a total cinnamon roll hero. There really wasn’t much not to like about this guy. I loved how totally gone he was for Clem and how out of touch with reality he was that he truly didn’t know how to go about convincing her that he was serious about her. I absolutely loved getting to read his POVs and seeing the adventure through his eyes. I just loved getting to see Theo prove to Clem that he was so far from what she knew rockstar to be, he was kind, caring an thoughtful. I loved that he was more mature now and over his wild rocker stage in life and the way he handled gaining Clems trust really highlighted this.

The chemistry between these two characters was perfection. I loved their first meeting, the fake identities and the one night stand hook up. This just set the tone for their very eventful romance. I for one love the build up from friends to lovers and all the banter that was laced in along the way. This couple truly had some beautiful and heart warming moments, I think my favourite would be the sickbed/caretaker moment, this was just romance perfection.

I just loved Clems sisters and the relationship that these girls shared. Serena and Lil were just the best support system for Clem. I loved their ride or die vibe and how hilarious they were in their own rights. I laughed so hard at every single one of their interactions, these truly were the weird sisters for life and I just adored them! I think the only thing that I was not to fond of in this book was that I felt the last part was a bit rushed, but this wasn’t very major.

I absolutely loved reading Under Your Spell, this heartwarming friends to lovers romcom is a total must read in my opinion!

Book Info:

Publication: June 20, 2024 | Atria Books |

The daughter of an aging rock star finds herself working for the hottest musician on the planet and is shocked when sparks start to fly—especially since she swore she’d never, ever date a celebrity—in this unputdownable romance that is perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Emily Henry.

She wants three things. He isn’t one of them…

Dumped by her cheating ex, fired from her dream job, and about to lose her Clementine Monroe is not having a good day. So when her sisters get her drunk and suggest reviving a childhood ritual called the Breakup Spell, she doesn’t see the harm in it.

But now Clemmie has accidentally ruined a funeral, had her first one-night stand, and she’s stuck with a new job she definitely doesn’t want—spending six weeks alone with the gorgeous and very-off-limits rock star, Theo Eliott.

He’s the most famous man on the planet. Her life’s a disaster. As their summer together turns into its own kind of magic, is Clemmie cursed to repeat the mistakes of her past—or will her future see all her wishes come true?



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