REVIEW: Visconti’s Forgotten Heir by Elizabeth Power

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In Visconti’s Forgotten Heir by Elizabeth Power, The moment Magenta lays her sight on Andreas Visconti , she realizes he is the father of her son but the only problem is that she doesn’t remember anything about him because of her amnesia caused by a brain haemorrhage when she was pregnant. She can feel Andreas disapproves of her and it soon becomes apparent they parted on really bad terms when she gets rejected at a job interview because of Andreas interference. Then suddenly he offers her a replacement job as his temporary PA for a few months. Her brain may not remember him but her body recognizes him in an intimate sense and Magenta needs her memory back fast in order to understand the sexual tension.


Visconti’s Forgotten Heir by Elizabeth Power is a well written harlequin novel with the inclusion of loads of angst. The starting was really good and I was really enjoying the book till Magenta got her missing memory back. After that I felt the story was dragging on and whatever fondness I had for the heroine just disappeared.

Magenta started off as a pretty decent and likable heroine and even though I could not understand why she decided to have a swim with Andreas on her first day as his PA, I still kind of liked her. But when she got her memory back and the mistakes she made with Andreas was revealed, I just lost whatever fondness I had for her. I understand to err is human and she did change after her accident but the way she behaved after knowing how much she had wronged Andreas in the past annoyed me. Andreas started off as an unlikable character but I loved him towards the end after knowing the extent of his love for Magenta. He truly loved her in the past when she ruined it and I thought he deserved someone much better than Magenta.

‘Why did you pretend not to remember me when you saw me in that wine bar, Magenta? What was it you were hoping to gain?’
‘Nothing. Nothing,’ she emphasised, bluffing. ‘I was just hoping you would go away.’
‘Go away?’ He made a derisory sound through his nostrils. ‘Did it repel you to speak to me that much?’

‘I’m making your bed all wet.’ Her voice was husky, and she sounded breathless. But the robe she was wearing was soaking up the water from her swimsuit and it couldn’t be doing much for his duvet.
‘It wouldn’t be the first time,’ he said wryly.

The story was good and interesting until Magenta gets her memory back and starts running away from Andreas. The last few pages were awesome and my favourite part was the love confession and the way the story ended.

Overall Visconti’s Forgotten Heir by Elizabeth Power is a well written romance and the inclusion of angst makes it better but an unlikable heroine makes it difficult to love the book.


Book Info:

3.5SPublication: October 22nd 2013 by Harlequin Presents (Book 3191)

The memory of his touch

… At her new job interview, single mom Magenta James feels like her life is finally back on track after suffering from amnesia. Until she meets Andreas Visconti’s familiar sapphire gaze across the desk….

She just knows the Italian CEO is the father of her child, but when she doesn’t get the job, it’s clear they parted on bad terms. Then he offers her a new role…as his very personal assistant.

Now Magenta will have to rearrange the scattered puzzle of her memory in order to make sense of the sensual tension that burns between them….

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