REVIEW: Wedding Planner’s Deal With the CEO by Nina Milne

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Wedding Planner’s Deal With the CEO by Nina Milne Poppy Winchester has joined with her friend Bella to run a wedding planning business. After some poor decisions by Bella , the business is about to go under. In the mean time, Bella has such a hard time with happened that she starts drinking again and ends up in rehab. It’s left up to Poppy to turn things around.

Poppy has the idea of trying to get a celebrity wedding with a model and the business partner of her former friend, Nathan Larrimore. She knows she doesn’t stand a chance of getting the wedding deal on her own. She hasn’t seem Nathan in a long while, but decides she will have to be courageous and meet with him in person.

Poppy walked away from their long time friendship when Nathan was to marry Alexis. She tried to reach out to Nathan when Alexis died, but he turned her away. She hopes even if they can’t be true friends again he will help her. He agrees to talk to the couple. They want to meet with both Poppy and Nathan. After various details are ironed out , engaged couple Petra and Greg decide they’d like to get married in Copenhagen. They insist Poppy and Nathan go there to check out hotels, food and fun things to do. Poppy and Nathan are both quite hesitant, but agree and start off on the adventure. They have a marvelous time engaging in all the things that would make for a great wedding and honeymoon experience. Will they be able to go back to their normal lives after they return home?

Both characters have had terrible childhoods that still impact the present for them. It seems they still carry around huge emotional baggage from that and more recent relationships. It is easy to see how they are reluctant to even try to rekindle their friendship.

The author did a tremendous amount of research to bring the Copenhagen setting to life. The food all sounded delicious except for the oysters. The fun they had with the amusement rides was very evident and I could feel myself there.

The romance is one that is very sweet and off the page, so to speak. My only critique was that some details were repeated unnecessarily. Overall, it was a charming story. I really liked that the cover reflected how the characters were described, especially Poppy’s beautiful red hair.
I have read and enjoyed novels by author Nina Milne in the past and look forward to more in the future.

Book Info:

Publication: August 22, 2023 | Harlequin Romance |

When a wedding planner strikes a deal with her former best friend to save her business, the unexpected chemistry between them makes sticking to the terms of their agreement difficult! Discover what happens in Nina Milne’s latest Harlequin Romance novel.

Old friends…

New beginnings?

Poppy Winchester’s wedding-planning company desperately needs rescuing. The only person she knows who can help is her former best friend, self-made billionaire Nathan Larrimore. So Poppy makes a deal with him that benefits them both. But seeing widower Nathan again brings supressed, and inconvenient, desire to the surface! Forced together on a whirlwind business trip to Copenhagen, they’re given a chance to overcome their past and perhaps make a fresh start neither saw coming!



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