Review: Wildly by Debra Kayn

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Wildly by Debra Kayn is a sweet and sensual romance about finding love with a childhood crush.

Shauna Marino has had a crush on Grayson Schyler every since she was twelve years old wand he was nineteen.  At sixteen she fell head over heels in love with Grayson, and at eighteen she decided to present herself to him wearing nothing but a coat to try to get his attention.  Years have passed since that embarrassing day when Grayson turned her down. Shauna is now all grown up and is a changed woman.  She wants nothing more than to show Grayson how much she has changed and she hopes that he will find her more attractive now that she is grown up.

Grayson was Shauna’s tennis instructor while she was growing up.  He has never thought of Shauna in any kind of romantic way, that is until she shows up all grown up.  While Grayson finds Shauna attractive, he is not ready for any kind of relationship.  Can Shauna convince Grayson that she is the only woman for him?

Wildly is a tender coming of age story.  I found myself rooting for Shauna to get the attention she so deserved from Grayson. I did feel a little like the romance between Grayson and Shauna was one sided.  It felt like the attraction on Grayson’s part was forced to me. I never did feel like he loved Shauna as much as she loved him.

All in all this is a good story that I would recommend, I just would have liked to see more desire on Grayson’s part.



4HeartsBook Info: Publisher: Crimson Romance (January 21, 2013)

Shauna Marino left Cottage Grove, California an innocent teenager, gangly, wild, and with no fashion sense, always diving headfirst into whatever feelings ruled the moment. Now, she’s back to fix her mistakes. She’s gained a respectable job, set a plan in motion to benefit the town, and all that’s left is to prove to Grayson Schyler she’s changed. Maybe this time, he won’t tell her no when she shows up naked and asks him to make her a woman.

Grayson Schyler, former Wimbledon champion, would’ve recognized Shauna anywhere. She’s made his life sweeter one moment – and hell the next. As someone in the public eye, he’d gone to great strains not to allow the media to misread their relationship, which wasn’t always easy when Shauna was around. Now she’s back, asking for his help, and all he can think about is if she came back to make him pay for what he’d done.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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