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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Jami Rogers to HJ!

Hi Jami and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, A Boyfriend by Christmas!


To start off, can you please tell us a little bit about this book?:

A Boyfriend by Christmas is about Lucy, a woman who overhears her uncle talking about how he’d love to see her settle down before it’s too late and he misses it. Lucy loves her uncle and wants him to be happy and the thought of settling down appeals to her so she sets out to make that her goal. In the meantime, Carter, Lucy’s ex childhood best friend is struggling to make a real estate deal that would make his late father proud. It takes no time for the estranged pair to realize that Carter has the dating tips Lucy needs and Lucy gives Carter the family man presence that he needs to seal the deal. Turns out, they have a whole lot more to offer each other than they thought.

Please share your favorite lines or quote(s) from this book:

I have so many, but here are some!

I feel like I’m watching a turtle climb a tree. It’s weird and uncomfortable. I just want to assist. – Carter

If you’re sitting at a table ten minutes early for your blind date, do not—I repeat do not—Google blind-date horror stories. – Lucy

You should always plug in your Christmas lights to make sure they work before you hang them on your house. – Carter

In the movies, this is the moment where sad music plays. But no movie or sad song ever prepared me for how much seeing her standing there, crying and shivering, breaks my heart or how it makes me want to flip a U-turn to grab her jacket and make sure she can drive herself home. They never share that no matter how hurt and betrayed you feel, you still love. – Carter


What inspired this book?

One of the biggest things that inspired the book was that my hometown has a downtown space where holiday events (and no holiday events) take place. It brings the community together and I wanted that in my story. It’s amazing how one venue can bring people together. Of course, Hallmark and their movies helped, too. Before I even started writing this book, just watching their holiday movies inspired me to write one of my own.


How did you ‘get to know’ your main characters? Did they ever surprise you?

I’d say I got to know my character by writing an entire book for them, not liking it, and then writing a completely new one. The first book I wrote didn’t give them the personalities they deserved.

Lucy loves her family and the holiday’s. She is kind, gentle, and someone anyone in their town can rely on. Carter is more of a recluse. He definitely cares about his family, too, but he’s all business and after having been burned in the past, he doesn’t trust easily.


What was your favorite scene to write?

The scene right before they make a deal to help each other was fun to write. Lucy and Carter haven’t had a conversation longer than a few seconds in years and for some reason, Carter takes a seat at Lucy’s table after her date up and leaves her with the bill. The surprise on both ends on how the situation plays out makes me smile and I think it’s a great representation of how different the two of them are, yet also, how perfect they are for each other.

“Did he just stiff her with the bill?” I ask aloud. No one answers me, but then again, I wasn’t directing my question to anyone in particular.
“I think he did,” I answer myself.
What the hell? What kind of guy does that? I’d never walk out on someone like that. Even if my date threw up on me or cried at the table because she was drunk and wanted to be at another restaurant—which has happened—I’d still pay the bill before I left.
I finish my drink and twist in my seat.
Lucy hasn’t moved.
Should I go over there?
Will stops at her table, but I don’t think she says anything to him. When he leaves, he throws me a look that screams help.
Another waiter sets their food on her table.
He left before the food came out.
I grab my bill and head toward Lucy.
I slide into the booth.
“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. It can get worse,” she groans, dropping her face into her hands.
“Are you okay?” I ask. I wanted to start with what happened, but I’m going to try not to make this worse. Which, by her statement, I already am.
The look she gives me is fierce. “Do I look okay?”
I shake my head.
“Exactly. I wouldn’t expect you to understand. You’ve probably never been left—” Her eyes flash to mine as she stops talking, and the fiery look she had before crumbles. “Never mind,” she says after a moment.
No matter how uncomfortable I am, I can’t just leave her here alone. Seeing as I’m not sure what to say next, I pick up a fork and start to eat her date’s dinner. After all, my meeting only made it through one drink and an appetizer. This beats the turkey sandwich I was planning to make when I got home.
“What are you doing?”
“Eating,” I answer.
“That’s not yours.”
“Is he coming back to claim it?”
She leans her head to the side as she watches me take another bite. “Fine, but let’s skip the whole small talk thing, okay.”
I nod with another bite.
We eat in silence until Will shows up.
“Do you guys need anything else?” I’m about to laugh at how scared he seems, but Lucy beats me to it.
It’s like one of those scenes in a movie where the girl laughs so hysterically that she has a tearful breakdown. Or stabs someone. I am definitely not in the mood to be struck by a knife tonight. Or any other night, really.
“Lucy,” I whisper as her laugher grows louder.
People are beginning to turn their heads.
“Lucy,” I repeat.
“Carter, do something,” Will says.


What was the most difficult scene to write?

I think the most difficult scene to write was when Lucy is getting ready to go on a date and Carter and Tuck, Carter’s older brother, are watching from the house next door. Carter is obviously bothered by her dating someone, but I really wanted to show the development of his feelings for her and his relationship with his brother as fun and quick without making it too weird that they are spying on her. It was a fast paced scene where I needed to cover a lot in a short amount of time.

“Go back to your car, pal. Let her get dressed.”
“Who are you talking to?” Tuck asks, leaning against the doorway.
“No one,” I snap, never pulling my eyes off the date.
“You’ve been in here for twenty minutes, and you’re not sweating. I’m going to assume you haven’t been in here working out.”
“Tuck, give it a rest, all right? I was helping Lucy get ready for her date.”
“From here? How?”
“She was… She wanted opinions on her outfit.”
Tuck erupts into laughter. “You helped her? Did you watch her change, too?”
I slug his left shoulder.
I step closer to the window, as if it’ll tell me what to do.
Mr. Date is still at her door.
“What’s he doing?” Tuck asks, joining me. His voice sounds as concerned as my thoughts.
“I’m not sure. She hasn’t answered the door.”
“Is she getting cold feet?”
“I don’t know. I’ve seen as much as you.”
“Well, text her.” He pushes me. “Now.”
So I do. Is everything okay?
“What did she say?”
“I literally just pressed Send.”
“Girls are fast responders.”
“Well, she hasn’t responded.”
“Text her again.”
“It’s been ten seconds.”
We both look to her front door.
Nothing has changed.
I text her again. Lucy?
If you don’t answer me, I’m coming over.
Last chance.
After what feels like an eternity, I turn for the door.
“Yeah, let’s go over there!” Tuck says behind me.


Would you say this book showcases your writing style or is it a departure for you?

This book is spot on with my style. The only exception would be that I kept it clean, whereas most of my backlist is steamier.


What do you want people to take away from reading this book?

After all the stress, never forget how magical the holidays can be. The opportunities to be happy are endless.


What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned?

Right now I’m currently working on a steamy contemporary series about a group of male romance writers who are quickly learning that it’s much easier to write love than to experience it on their own.

My upcoming releases include book two and three of the Evergreen Brothers, and the first two books of the romance writers series, Lust or Bust. Titles and release dates are below.

The Write One: An Enemies to Lovers Romance – November 15th, 2022
Write About You: A Fake Dating Romance – February 21st, 2023
The Summer Wedding Hoax (Evergreen Brothers 2) – May 18th, 2023
A Match by Christmas (Evergreen Brothers 3) – October 19, 2023


Thanks for blogging at HJ!


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Excerpt from A Boyfriend by Christmas:

I’ve always wondered how something could become so delicate once it hits your tongue but not crumble at the touch.
I snap another picture of Nina Evergreen replating more of her famous sugar cookies to one of the buffet tables. Honestly, they shouldn’t put them at the front door, out there as a free-for-all. The cookies will be gone before any other dish, and that includes Mr. Morrison’s brisket, which was featured on a television show two years ago as the best in Wyoming.
“Good evening, Lucy,” Nina greets me just as my camera flash catches her attention.
“Hi, Nina. I hope you’ve made enough,” I say cheerfully as I snag one of her cookies for myself.
“Oh, Lucy,” she says with a humph, her hands on her hips. “You and me both, dear. I learned my lesson last year. I’ve even got a backup stash in the car.”
Someone else comes to her table and begins to ask for the secret recipe. Nina’s smile is genuine. I’ve lived next door to her since the day I lost my parents in a car wreck when I was ten years old. It was my uncle Fred’s house when I moved in, but now that he’s moved into a smaller apartment, it’s just me living there. Well, me and my dog, Stella. Anyway, I’ve asked for the secret to her cookies nothing short of a hundred times, and she’s never budged.
I wave a polite goodbye as I make my way through the party to greet other members of our smallish town of Melody, Wyoming, and to capture memories with my camera.
I love the Christmas season. The clean, white canvas over the yards. The frost-colored trees. The soft shine of red, green, blue, and white lights as a light layer of snow covers their glow. The way the air feels more kind with each breath, your neighbors’ smiles, and “Santa Baby” leave you with no choice but to sing along and be jolly.
My best memories come from this time of year, and the best stories my mom used to share with me always happened at Christmas. Tales of how she first met my dad, how my grandma met my grandpa, and how my mom found out she was pregnant with me. The list goes on.
If I could, I’d live where it’s Christmas all year-round—minus the slick roads, of course. This season is truly magical.
This is precisely why the first Christmas party of the season, hosted every year for all the downtown businesses by Melody Square Park in the reception room of their main building, is an absolute favorite. Bonus, I’m getting paid to be here.
“You know I’m no saint, but I am pretty positive that Mrs. Claus wouldn’t appreciate Santa kissing that elf,” my best friend, Elle, says in a not-so-whisper in my ear as she points.
I slap her arm down and cover my face. “I know there are a lot of people in this room right now, but don’t make it obvious we’re looking.”
“Fine, okay. See, right there. Near the bathrooms.”
I move my hands and casually look over my shoulder. Whoa. Elle wasn’t kidding. Wait… Is that Amy? She’s always so busy coordinating events for the square that I didn’t realize she was dating anyone.
“That kind of random weirdness is the only reason I come to these things,” my uncle Fred chimes in, appearing on my other side. “People get all weird about being alone when ole-St.-Nick season approaches. No one would act like that on a normal April weekend. Anyway, it reminds me that this town can still be unpredictable.”
“Right,” I say. In my opinion, Uncle Fred really only comes to these things because he has a crush on Nina’s twin sister, Beatrice.
“Oh”—Uncle Fred takes in the sight of my dress—“you wore it.”
“Yep.” I smooth my hands over the three-quarter length crimson dress I found last week in a box of my mother’s old things. I don’t have many boxes left from her or my dad, but I did keep a few filled with mementos. My mom wore this dress the last Christmas I spent with her. “You look pretty dashing yourself,” I say.
He’s put more effort into getting ready for this night than he has in the last decade. His snowy hair—since he’s twelve years older than my mother—is gelled to the side, his navy tie is tight over his white dress shirt, and his matching pants have a prominent crease down the front. Plus, his cologne, the scent I’ll forever refer to as “my uncle Fred’s smell,” is strong tonight.
“Oh, cookies.” He moves quickly toward the front door—which also happens to be where Beatrice just appeared.
“They live in the same apartment complex and on the same floor but only hang out at events like this? I don’t buy it.” Elle crosses her arms and leans into me. Neither of us is trying to hide the fact we are watching them.
“I don’t, either, but he doesn’t pry into my love life, so I’m not prying into his.”
“Love life? Since when do you have a love life to pry into?”
“Since always. I just haven’t met the right person.”
Elle snickers. “Amen. Oh, look, it’s Bryce. I’ve been dying to get a contract going with him on the square’s Instagram page. I don’t think he knows how much more profit he could be making with social media. Wish me luck.”
“Good luck,” I say, but she’s on a mission, and I doubt she heard me. I snap a picture of her and Bryce.
One of my favorite things about living in a smaller town is that although, yes, I’m working, I know almost everyone here, so it doesn’t really feel like work.
I wave at a few other people and take more pictures. Some are for work, and some are for fun; Mr. and Mrs. Woodson ask me to capture their first night out since their newborn, Mrs. Staple asks me to take one to send to her son to prove she made it out of the house, and another group of ladies ask me to take one so they can create a fun ten-years-later photo.
“Did you hear about poor Bryce?” I hear someone ask as I’m snapping pictures of the flyer detailing the window decorating contest held the week before Christmas. The question isn’t directed at me, but for as loud as it is, it may as well be.
“Yes, that unfortunate man. Selling Melody Square Park must be devastating for him.”
I freeze with the camera halfway to my face.
Melody Square Park is for sale?
“That’s not even the worst part. Guess who’s already put in an offer to buy the place.”
“No,” another lady gasps. “Tell me you’re kidding?”
“Who?” I ask, even though I am not part of the conversation.
Mrs. Watt, my high school art teacher, smiles at me. “Oh, hi, Lucy. Are you getting some good pictures tonight?”
“Don’t I always?” I reply with a smile. “So, who’s buying the square?”
One of the other ladies huffs the answer, “Carter Evergreen.”
“You’re not serious.” I’m floored. “What would he need with a property like that?”
“Take a guess. Melody Square Park will be gone. You know that man does nothing but buy property, demolish buildings, and build whatever the trendiest structure is at the time.”
It can’t be gone. The park is a town staple. It’s the heart of Melody. There are too many memories tied to it for it to be torn down. I’ve always wanted to get married here. No matter the fact I don’t have a boyfriend or even a boy I’m talking to—if tradition holds, this year, the year I turn twenty-six, I’m supposed to meet him. I can’t let Carter and his upscale wannabe company take that away from me.
“I heard rumors that the foundation is failing.”
“I heard that, too. Among other things that need updated. Something about the soil and sick trees.”
The women continue discussing the property and all the reasons they think it’s for sale, but all I can think about is what happens when it’s gone.
“Excuse me.” I leave before the ladies have time to reply.
Where is Elle?
I scan the party and find Carter Evergreen instead of Elle. His presence brings an entirely new vibe to the room. Normally, I don’t think twice about him, but now, just looking at him frustrates me.
With his six-foot frame, a suit worth more than my mortgage, and chocolate-colored hair that looks like silk, you’d think he’d be a charmer, but he’s the exact opposite. He looks relaxed with each step he takes toward his mother’s table, but he’s the exact representation of his company, ready to bulldoze anything that gets in his way.
“He looks good tonight,” Elle says, startling me.
“How do you move around so quietly?” I ask.
She shrugs. “I think I was only quiet because you were staring so intently.”
“Did you hear he’s looking to buy the square?”
Elle snorts “Looking to buy it? He’s basically bought the darn thing. Bryce just told me, which is why he turned me down once again as a social media rep for the square. I could try to help turn things around for him, but no. He’s serious about selling to Carter. Dang. It’s both sad and impressive. Carter really is maximizing that whole property-owning thing. Getting dumped must really put things into perspective.”
“Focus, Elle. If he buys the square, you know what it means.”
I all but stomp my foot. “Dum dum da dum.” I do my best to sound out the wedding march song.
Recognition dawns on Elle’s face. “Ohhhh. Shoot. Okay, well, if you’re going to get married in the same place your mother and grandmother did before the square is gone, what’s the plan?”
I scowl. “I don’t know yet, but it better be a good one.”
“Better than when we convinced the senior prom committee to move the event an entire weekend forward just so that we could go to a Justin Timberlake concert?”
“So much better,” I tell her. “I don’t think Carter can be bought with a concert ticket like Annie was, but we’ll think of something.”
I make my way toward Uncle Fred. It’s no surprise that he’s talking to Beatrice right now. I know they talk more than he lets on, and because she’s Carter’s aunt, Uncle Fred has got to know something.
“If I had my way, Lucy would be happily married before I left this world,” Fred is confiding to Carter’s aunt Beatrice.
I pause.
“Don’t be silly, Fred. Lucy is happy on her own, and she’s still young, and you’ve got plenty more years left yourself.”
“Yes, but still. Is she happy, though?” he asks. “Anytime I need her to help me, she’s always available.”
“Consider yourself lucky.”
“I do, but I feel like she isn’t living enough. She’s too focused on taking care of others. I don’t want her to forget to put herself first.”
“You’re not—”
“Ah, I know. I just… What I wouldn’t give to see Lucy happily settled down. I want to see her living so much in the moment that she becomes unpredictable.”
I’m not that predictable.
“She will. Probably sooner than you think, and then you’ll be sad when Thursday comes around and she isn’t walking in your door at half past ten to go to lunch with you.”
Okay, maybe I am.
“Of course. She’s beautiful, smart, strong. You’ve got a wonderful niece.”
“Yes, I do, but boy, could you imagine if she told me she found someone? If she started her own little family? It’d be the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for.”
I never realized Uncle Fred worried so much about me. I mean, he’s always asking me what’s new in my life, but I thought it was just normal conversation. I am happy. I love spending time with him. If my past has taught me anything about family, it’s that I’m not sure how many more moments he and I will have together.
Sure, I want to settle down. I want someone to share my life with, but I never thought he worried about that stuff.
I could find someone to be committed to by Christmas. Work is going well, I have amazing friends, and I have almost everything I could ever need. Now is as good a time as any.
I could give Uncle Fred that gift. For myself, too.
I’ll do it.
I’m going to find my happily-ever-after by Christmas, and I’ll get married at Melody Square Park.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Book Info:

She’s looking for the one. He just wants a plus-one.

This Christmas, tradition is going to be on photographer Lucy Adam’s side. She’ll finally find Mr. Right and marry him at the gazebo at Melody Square Park, where her late parents tied the knot. There’s just one snag in her plan. Scrooge, aka Carter Evergreen, plans to demolish the park. She needs all the mistletoe she can muster now that her goal has an expiration date.

Lucy has always been the girl next door—literally—and the one that got away. If she wants to find her true love, Carter’s happy to provide dating advice if she’ll be his plus-one at business functions. And to sweeten the pot, he’ll consider her ideas to save the park, too.

But Carter also knows the property is unstable and repairs are too costly. As they grow closer, he’s willing to do anything to save this holiday season for her—except grant her what she wants most. Can their partnership build the real foundation they need to create a magical future?

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Meet the Author:

Jami Rogers writes romance novels because she loves love and wants to share her passion with the world. She published her first novel in 2015 and continues to write romance as both a Tule Publishing and Indie author.

She lives in Wyoming with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. Her husband does 90% of the cooking in their house. Not because she’s busy—she’s just simply a bad cook.
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