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Today, HJ is pleased to share with you Taylor Holloway’s new release: Bad for You




‘Bad for You’ is a sweet and sexy romance featuring a bully turned military hero and a smarty-pants girl next door on a twisted road to happily ever after.

The boy next door.
Star of my teenage fantasies.
My tormentor.
After serving as an army doctor in some of the most dangerous places on Earth, Brandon has finally come home. And he’s brought his cocky, alpha attitude and rugged good looks with him. To my hospital. He’s still a loose cannon and I’m right in his sights.
But instead of begging for him to stop, this good girl is having to stop herself from begging for more.
I thought I put my obsession with this moody bad boy to bed.
It now appears that’s right where he wants me.
I’ve always made good choices.
But this time I’m worried I’ll pick the one that’s bad for me, even if Brandon feels oh so right.


Enjoy an exclusive excerpt from Bad for You 

“This is fucking bullshit,” I told Aimee as soon as she opened the door where myself, the insufferable Dr. Ellis, and the hospital’s executive secretary, Lucy, were waiting in tense silence. “I’m fundamentally not able to work under these conditions.”
Aimee, who was filling in for my dad and had apparently been pulled out of some kind of very important meeting to deal with this situation on my first day, stared at me as if she was still surprised I had showed up for work. I knew I was. I was regretting it now, too.
“What’s going on?” she asked, her big blue eyes examining each one of us in turn.
God, she was sexy now. It was fucking distracting. Even in her shapeless white coat and scrubs, Aimee Ford was the sexiest woman I’d seen in a very, very long time. Puberty was a hell of a drug.
“The issue is that Dr. Koels cannot behave himself,” Dr. Ellis was saying, distracting me from ogling Aimee like a creep. “He’s alienating so many of the nurses that they don’t want to work with him at all. I’m trying to split this floor with him and I’m having to do all the work because no one wants to come within twenty feet of him except Lucy.”
Aimee looked at Lucy. “Is that true?” she asked.
Lucy glanced between me and Aimee. “Yeah. Well, he’s an awful lot like the other Dr. Koels,” she said, and I bristled. I was not like my dad. “He’s not exactly sunshine and rainbows, you know? But I can deal with it. At least he’s direct.” She shrugged and my estimation of the spunky little secretary rose. Apparently at least one person could deal with a no-nonsense approach. “But what I don’t have time for, is relaying messages between him and the nursing staff all day.” She looked me square in the eye. “No offense, Doctor, but while I might be a secretary, I’m not your secretary.”
I blinked. She was right, of course. Lucy definitely was not my secretary. Had I been treating her that way? I hadn’t meant to.
“What Lucy is saying in her incredibly nice and diplomatic way,” Dr. Ellis said, “is that Dr. Koels is being a diva and needs to realize this isn’t an army hospital where everybody’s going to salute him and kiss his ass.”
Well, that was just bullshit. I might be guilty of overusing Lucy’s time, but I was not guilty of being a diva.
“Oh please,” I scoffed, and Dr. Ellis cut me off with a huge gasp.
“I didn’t realize you knew that word!” she exclaimed sarcastically. “I’m so shocked.”
I rolled my eyes at her. “I can say please and thank you just fine, Dr. Ellis. I just don’t need to do that every other second when I’m trying to help people, alleviate suffering, and cure illness as fast as I can in a busy environment full of sick people. I’m just not going to walk on eggshells all the time to spare feelings.” I felt like I was being entirely reasonable here.
I looked to Aimee, wondering what she made of all this. Aimee used to have a massive crush on me, and by the way she was staring at me now, she still thought I was worth looking at. I found myself really liking the feeling of her attention. Probably too much. So much so that I barely registered Ellis’ scathing reply.
“Get off your god complex, Doctor,” Ellis told me. “You aren’t curing cancer here. That’s Dr. Ford’s job.”
Lucy giggled and I frowned.
“Oh wow, aren’t you clever?” I snapped at her half-heartedly. “I hope it’s worth it to you to know you’re stopping us both from working to get your little quips in.”
“Why am I down here?” Aimee asked, staring from Ellis to me and back again. “I hate to agree with Dr. Koels here, but I’m really not interested in mediating your petty disputes. Ellis, don’t be unnecessarily sensitive. Dr. Koels, don’t be unnecessarily abrasive. Lucy, stay out of the ER until further notice and the nurses will have to do their jobs. Boom. We’re done.” She rolled her pretty eyes and then stared us all down with a pout. “I’m so good at my job it isn’t even funny.”
Then Aimee turned on her heel and walked out. I followed her eagerly.
“Aimee, wait,” I called.
She slowed and turned to look at me cautiously. I pulled up next to her hopefully.
“What do you want, Dr. Koels?” she asked. Her tone was guarded.
“Do you want to grab coffee soon?” I asked.
She blinked at me in shock and then that big, bleak wall of emotionlessness descended again. “No. No, Brandon, I do not.” She shook her head at me.
“Why not?” I asked her. “We should catch up. What have you been up to all this time? The last time I saw you we were what twelve and eighteen?”
“I was thirteen. The last time we talked you told me I was a weird, four-eyed know-it-all who would never have a boyfriend unless I went on a diet.”
I winced. “Sorry.” I tried for a conciliatory tone. “I shouldn’t have said that.”
She frowned. “The point is that I don’t like you. You were a dick to me when we were kids, and, clearly, you’re still very much a dick today. I happen to have a very strict no-dick policy in my life.”
“Oh, you’re gay?” I asked, surprised. “I never would have guessed. Sorry.”
She turned a lovely shade of pink. “That, um, wasn’t what I meant.” She cleared her throat and stood up straight. “The no-dick policy refers to personality, and not, er, anatomy. Anyway, Brandon, I’m not going to have coffee with you. Not now. Not ever.”
She stomped away with as much dignity as she could muster. In addition to being smoking hot and very smart, she was adorable. I was utterly charmed. A bit insulted, but also charmed. At that moment, I realized that I needed to get reacquainted with the lovely, clearly brilliant, and very cute Dr. Ford as soon as possible.

Excerpt. ©Taylor Holloway. Posted by arrangement with the publisher. All rights reserved.

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Meet the Author:

Taylor Holloway is a bestselling romance author who writes sweet and sexy stories with just enough of an edge to offset all the feels. Her books are specifically Taylor-ed to make you blush, cry, laugh, and swoon. She’s an Austin native with a penchant for bad puns, strong margaritas, expensive shoes, and shiny things. When she’s not writing, she’s working a hilariously bland corporate job, spoiling her husband and cat, or going for long walks in the dark.


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  1. Kathleen Bylsma

    Love it…Aimee puts every one in his/her place neatly and tidily and I want to read this to see what else happens!

  2. erinf1

    well… Brandon isn’t winning any points in that excerpt but I’m still intrigued 🙂 thanks for sharing!

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