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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Lynsay Sands to HJ!


Hi Lynsay and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Immortal Rising!

Hi Sara!

Please summarize the book for the readers here:

Turned as a teenager, Stephanie has had more than her fair share of hardship in her young life. She lost her entire family except for Dani and even Dani disappeared with life mate Decker for quite some time. She is a highly gifted immortal in being able to read and even match life mates, but the gift comes with a curse, as she can’t turn it off. It has forced her into isolation to avoid being overwhelmed by the thoughts of those around her. She’s dealt with all these trials with a grace and strength like no other. But she’s lonely.

Thorne is a winged human hybrid created by a mad scientist named Dr. Dressler. Years ago, he was key in helping Lucian and the North American enforcers find Dressler’s island and release the immortals the scientist had kidnapped as well as he and the other hybrids Dressler had made. Even so, Thorne is still a prisoner of sorts . . .because of his wings, he has to hide away from the world, but that doesn’t put Steph off. If anything, she appreciates his uniqueness, is the one person who completely understands his need for isolation, and thinks he’s beautiful just the way he is, inside and out.

Both Stephanie and Thorne have met their match in one another. Now they’ll just have to figure out how to get over themselves and work together to survive the worst threat either of them have encountered… Thorne’s father, Dr. Dressler.

Please share your favorite line(s) or quote from this book:

This is regarding Lucian, whom Steph understands and respects.

Apparently, not expressionless enough, he realized when Stephanie chuckled and said, “Yeah. He’s a hard-ass on the outside. But that’s just a cover.” Amusement fading, she told him solemnly, “He’s really a very good man under all that cold steel he shows everyone. He’s just the guy burdened with keeping everyone safe, and believe me, it weighs heavy on him.” She turned the bacon again, and added, “I’m sure he acted all arrogant and grim when you first met, and didn’t thank you for leading him and the others to the island to rescue everyone. But I know he was grateful as hell for it and will never forget what you did for us when you risked flying to the mainland to find him.”


Please share a few Fun facts about this book…

  • Stephanie’s cat, Felix, looks at Thorne like he’s a gigantic bird and he is fair game to hunt, regardless of the fact Thorne is twenty times Felix’s size.
  • Thorne has exceptional hearing because of the bat DNA Dressler included in his makeup so he can hear as well as an immortal which is an embarrassing surprise for Steph since she has a funny habit of talking to her dog Trixie when she thinks no one can hear her.
  • Lucian is back and takes a pretty big role as a secondary character in this book. He ends up helping Stephanie in ways no one else, not even Dani, could. No matter how much of a hard-ass he is, Lucian understands Steph.
  • We get to see Elizabeth Salter, Thorne’s mother, and Maria Reyes, friend to Elizabeth and sort of a second mother to Thorne. Though older, they are both striking figures who are undaunted and refuse to shrink away and hide upon hearing Dressler was trying to breach the house to get to Thorne and Stephanie.


What first attracts your Hero to the Heroine and vice versa?

The moment Steph sets eyes on Thorne, she’s a goner. Seeing his wings, she thinks he looks like a beautiful angel, his face art worthy, his golden eyes breathtaking, and his physique gorgeous. Stephanie is pretty honest about her attraction to Thorne…

Realizing she was gawking and that Thorne had noticed, Stephanie grimaced and shrugged. “Sorry. But it’s not every day a gal meets a superhot guy with wings.”
“Superhot?” he echoed, sounding surprised.
Stephanie snorted at his reaction. “Oh, please. You must know you’re absolutely gorgeous,” she said, and when he simply stared at her wide-eyed, she muttered, “Okay, so you didn’t know. Well . . . now you do,” she said simply, and then patted her leg, drawing Trixie back to her side.

And Thorne thinks Stephanie is quite attractive right off the bat as well…

She had a lovely face, beautiful golden blond hair caught up in a ponytail on the back of her head, and a slim, coltish figure even in the open-bottomed joggers and the loose gray jersey with blue shoulders and long sleeves. She was also barefoot, he’d noticed, and for some reason Thorne found that sexy as hell.


Did any scene have you blushing, crying or laughing while writing it? And Why?

This is when Steph is crushing on Thorne a bit, discussing her appreciation of his physical attributes with her dog Trixie when she thinks Thorne can’t hear her.

“He’s a nice guy. Easy to talk to. Good sense of humor . . . and woo baby, he sure is pretty too, huh? Did you see that face on him?” she asked, glancing down to Trixie to see the dog now sitting, and staring up at her with eyes wide and tongue hanging out. Stephanie grinned. “That’s exactly how I felt.”
She turned back to the view out of the door as Thorne reached the walkway and started down it toward the driveway, before adding, “And his chest and shoulders too! I mean, seriously? They’re enough to make a gal want to tackle him to the ground and climb all over him. A shame his wings hide his butt, though. Although they’re pretty magnificent. But I’d be interested in seeing if his tush is as gorgeous as the rest of him.”
The words had barely left her mouth when Thorne suddenly stopped walking. His body half turned while his head continued a bit farther so that his wide, amazed eyes could find hers through the glass window.
Stephanie smiled and gave him a little wave even as she asked Trixie out of the corner of her mouth, “You don’t think he heard me, do you? Nah, he couldn’t have heard me. He doesn’t have the hopped-up hearing of an immortal.”
One of Thorne’s eyebrows rose at the comment, and despite the door being closed, thanks to her own advanced hearing, she heard him say, “No, I have the hopped-up hearing of a bat, which Dressler also included in my DNA.”
“Oh!” Stephanie was quite sure she turned as red as a cherry at that point. “Sorry. I was just . . .” She waved vaguely, unable to come up with any possible excuse to dig herself out of the embarrassment she’d dug herself into. She considered claiming she was just trying out lines for a story, but doubted he’d believe it, so just offered an apologetic shrug and chagrined smile.
Much to her relief, Thorne didn’t continue her humiliation, but simply turned and started to walk again.
“Damn, Trixie, that was embarrassing, huh?” Stephanie whispered with mortification as she watched Thorne stride away. After three steps, though, the wings hanging down his back suddenly parted, half lifting away to the sides to reveal his butt in the tight, faded blue jeans he was wearing. They remained up and out of the way for several minutes as he walked, giving her an unimpeded view of his derriere, which was nicely curved and full, and as impressive as his chest. All she could do was grin like an idiot.


Readers should read this book….

It’s about two of the most asked after characters in the Argeneau series… Stephanie McGill, an incredibly gifted immortal who is scary talented in being able to read others and match up life mates, and Thorne, Dressler’s son whom he created by mixing his and his wife’s DNA with multiple animal species to create the ultimate human winged hybrid.


What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have in the works?

As for what I’m working on…

I just finished the copyedits for the next Argeneau called After The Bite, which is coming out on September 27th. (The description for this story is below.)

And I’m now editing the next Highland Brides story coming out in January. It’s called In Her Highlander’s Bed, and it’s about Laird Calan Campbell and Allissaid MacFarlane, a cousin to the Buchanans through her mother, and the second MacFarlane daughter to get a story.
The MacFarlanes, still under threat from their neighbor Maldouen MacNaughton, are told to stay within the keep’s walls for protection. But when her young brother slips out to go to the river, Allissaid rushes out after him to bring him back to safety. Instead, she’s captured by MacNaughton men. While still unconscious, Maldouen has a priest marry them, fortunately Allissaid escapes before the marriage can be consummated…
The Campbells have had nothing but grief from the MacNaughtons. They’ve been raiding Campbell land for years, and only a lack of proof has prevented Calan, the Campbell laird, from calling for an all-out war against the neighboring clan. Instead, he finally decreed MacNaughtons unwelcome on Campbell land. Trespassing would mean instant death, and so far that seemed to work. So, he was more than a little amazed when one not only crossed onto his land, but stooped so low as to steal the clothes off his back. Calan actually saw the naked lad who ran up and made off with his kilt… Only the lad turns out to be a naked lass, Allissaid MacFarlane or possibly Allissaid MacNaughton. Whether she’s married is questionable. What’s not questionable is that Calan wants the lass for his own. He just has to deal with MacNaughton and this marriage to have her.

And the next story in the Highland Brides story is on my mind as I’ll be writing that next.

As for upcoming releases…

On July 26th, the reissue of The Chase will come out.
This is one of my original hysterical historicals and it has common secondary characters to The Deed and The Key.

It wasn’t her first choice, for Seonaid Dunbar had, like her brother, been trained as a Scottish warrior at her father’s knee; but fleeing to an abbey was clearly preferable to whacking on Blake Sherwell with her sword — which she’d happily do before wedding the man. No, she’d not walk weakly to the slaughter, dutifully pledging her troth to anyone the English court called “Angel.” Fair hair and eyes as blue as the heavens hardly proved a man’s worth. There was no such thing as an English angel; only English devils. And there were many ways to elude a devilish suitor, even one that King Henry ordered her to wed.
No, the next Countess of Sherwell was not sitting at home in her castle as Blake thought: embroidering, peacefully waiting for him to arrive. She was fleeing to a new stronghold and readying her defenses. Swords and sleeping drafts, Claymores and kisses. This battle would require all weapons—if he ever caught her. And the Chase was about to begin.

On September 27th, Argeneau Book #35 called After The Bite is coming out! Immortal Enforcer Valerian just wants to relax. His last assignment had been more grueling than he’d care to admit, and golf has always helped him unwind. If golf course owner Natalie thinks it’s a little odd for him to tee off at sunset every evening, she’s keeping it to herself. The single mom is sexy as hell, and her little daughter Mia only adds to his delight. He knows Natalie is wary of a relationship of any kind…what will she think when she discovers he’s an Immortal? His best course of action is to woo her the old-fashioned way.
But the course of true love never did run smooth—especially for an immortal and his mate. And when danger stalks Natalie, Valerian realizes he’s playing a game of life and death and if he loses this round, he risks losing her forever.

Thanks for blogging at HJ!


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Someone you’re attracted to, but who has something obviously unique (not necessarily wings but something along that line) that would limit him/her being in the public eye.
…would you?

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Excerpt from Immortal Rising:

“Yeah, yeah. I’m coming,” Stephanie muttered when Trixie’s demanding bark woke her from a dead sleep. Tossing aside the warm sheet and blanket she’d been cocooned in, she pretty much rolled out of bed and then stumbled around it to unlock and open the bedroom door. The moment she did, Trixie rushed past her with another excited woof and hurried out into the hall.
Stifling a yawn, Stephanie followed the animal’s wildly wagging tail down the hall and out into the living room where her gaze automatically sought out the clock on the wall. Her mouth immediately snapped closed, cutting off her yawn, and she scowled at the eager beast she was following. “Jeez, Trixie. It’s just past 11 A.M., not even noon. We only slept maybe three and a half hours. Couldn’t you have waited at least another thirty minutes?”
Trixie merely barked again for answer as she rushed across the open living room and dining area, headed for the door, her butt wiggling with every step.
“Yeah, right, why would you care? You drop and nap whenever you want throughout the day,” Stephanie growled with irritation as she reached the door where Trixie now sat, waiting.
Glowering at the eager creature, she unlocked and opened the door for her before spotting the covered basket on the concrete pad on the other side. Her eyes widened with alarm at once as she imagined Trixie trampling the basket on the way out. However, the boxer neatly sidestepped it and didn’t even stop to give it a sniff before rushing off toward the driveway.
“I guess you really had to go,” Stephanie said wryly, some of her irritation with the dog fading at this proof that there was a reason for her being up.
Shrugging inwardly, she bent to pick up the basket, her nose twitching at the scents wafting from it. Stephanie didn’t recognize the aroma except that it was some kind of baked good, but she groaned out loud when she pulled back the dish towel laid over the basket and saw the goodies it had covered.
“Scones,” she moaned, lowering her head to inhale deeply. God, they smelled good.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Stephanie stiffened at that deep baritone voice, and jerked her head up to stare blankly at Thorne. The man was standing at the end of the walkway, calmly petting an adoring Trixie as he eyed Stephanie and she now understood that Trixie’s sudden urge to get outside hadn’t had a thing to do with needing to relieve herself. She’d heard, smelled, or just sensed in that way dogs had that Thorne was out here and had wanted to see him.
“I thought it would be safe enough to leave them on the porch and go. I didn’t consider that Trixie would raise a ruckus at my creeping around outside.”
“You weren’t creeping around. You were bringing me baked goodness from Berry Pickers,” Stephanie said at once, and then frowned and asked, “How did you get these from Berry Pickers? I would have thought . . .” She let her voice trail off rather than say that his wings would have made that impossible.
“I’m not sure what Berry Pickers is, but I didn’t get those anywhere. Your sister ordered raspberries in the groceries, and Drina had chocolate, flour, and so on in the cupboards, so I made them myself,” Thorne assured her, not seeming offended at the question.
Stephanie stared at him blankly, and then looked down at the scones. They were huge golden triangles with bits of chocolate and raspberries throughout. They looked perfect. And he’d baked them? Those two points didn’t seem to want to gel in her mind. They just didn’t seem to go together. Thorne could bake.
Well, maybe he could bake, she thought, and plucked one out of the basket, raised it to her mouth, took a bite, and then closed her eyes and moaned as she chewed.
“Oh my God! So good,” she proclaimed once she’d swallowed the bite of food. Opening her eyes, Stephanie cast a disbelieving gaze his way. “You baked these? Yourself? Like you can cook?”
“Yessss?” Thorne said, drawing out the word uncertainly, as if unsure why that would be an issue.
“You can cook and you brought me goodies. Oh-my-Gawd-I-think-I-love-you,” Stephanie squealed, and then took another bite of the scone and turned away. As she headed into the house with the basket in hand, she mumbled, “Need coffee. Come,” around the flaky deliciousness in her mouth and left him to follow as she headed for the coffee machine.


Thorne stared blankly at the door Stephanie had left open, her words ringing in his ears. Oh-my-Gawd-I-think-I-love-you. Well, that was . . . Damn, he thought.
Thorne knew she wasn’t being serious, but the words had drilled their way inside his head, and then shot south toward his chest, lodging there like heartburn. The idea of being loved by a woman like her was causing an ache that he wasn’t sure he liked.
Giving his head a shake, he glanced down at Trixie. “Do you think she’s awake enough to realize that she’s only wearing a very tiny, white T-shirt that doesn’t cover her black panties, which have Badass Bitch written on them?”
Apparently not as impressed with the skimpy outfit as Thorne had been, Trixie leaned into his side and yawned. Yeah, the sight of Stephanie in those teeny black panties and the tight T-shirt that stopped just below her obviously braless breasts had left Thorne dry-mouthed. He’d barely managed to croak out his apology for waking her, and now felt like it had been the lamest thing he could have said. He definitely wasn’t a sweet talker, Thorne acknowledged, but told the boxer, “I’ll take your completely uninterested yawn as a no.”
When that got no reaction from the dog, he asked, “How upset do you think she’ll be when she realizes?”
A sudden yelp of dismay from inside drew his gaze to the open door. When the sound was followed by the slap of running feet that grew more distant with each step, Thorne smiled wryly. “I think that answers that.”

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Book Info:

The Argeneaus are back! Filled with love, passion, and adventure, New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns with another sexy romance about everyone’s favorite immortals.

Stephanie McGill was attacked and turned when she was just a teenager. Worse, her abilities are unlike any other immortal. Now 13 years later, with the help of her adopted Argeneau family, Steph has carved out a new—if not lonely—life for herself. Until a new neighbor arrives…

Thorne is also one-of-a-kind. The result of a genetic experiment, he’s not an immortal, but he’s not mortal either. He’s looking for a place to hide, to get some peace so he can figure things out, and Stephanie’s sanctuary is perfect. In fact, Stephanie is perfect. For the first time, Thorne is free to be himself and he’s falling for Steph.

But if they’re going to have a future together, they’ll first need to deal with their past… because the mad scientist who created Thorne is now after Stephanie.
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Meet the Author:

My name is Lynsay Sands and I’m the author of the Argeneau series and many hysterical historicals (as my readers tend to call them). I have written over sixty-six books and twelve anthologies, which probably tells you I really enjoy writing. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to make a career out of it.
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  1. Mary Preston

    Since I’m quite happy to not be in the public eye myself, I’d say yes.

  2. ladyvampire

    I’ve never been one to give up easily on something or someone I wanted in my life so I wouldn’t let an unknown thing stop me. After all, we are mostly together and not in public so it wouldn’t matter too much to me.

  3. Amy R

    If you had the chance to date someone like Thorne…
    Someone you’re attracted to, but who has something obviously unique (not necessarily wings but something along that line) that would limit him/her being in the public eye.
    …would you? Yes

  4. Texas Book Lover

    I like to think I would absolutely date them. After all I am a homebody. Who needs to go out in public in today’s day and age when you can literally get anything delivered!

    Thanks so much!

  5. Debbie Haupt

    Great post. It’s been a while since I read her but this looks good 🙂

  6. jovialvampyre

    I most likely would date some one like Thorne. I’ve never had an issue with people being different.

  7. Eva Millien

    Great excerpt, I love this series! Yes I would date him, I have my own issues and you may never find the perfect someone if you never take a chance!

  8. noraadrienne

    Thorn does nothing for me. I bat for the other team. I’ve been collecting the book of this author for about 15 years. I even own one that has no Immortals in it.

  9. Alyssa

    Since I really hate going out in public and have found a new love for all delivery services I can gladly say, no that wouldn’t deter me!

  10. Mary Alice Jordan Hilton

    I would appreciate any Angel sent to me. No problem not having to share him with anyone. I have fallen in love with a few of Lynsay’s characters.

  11. Ali

    If we were attracted to each other and were in love i wouldn’t care if he had wings or some other special thing I’d date him

  12. Patricia B.

    Most definitely. It is the relationship between two people that is important, not what the public thinks.

  13. Cindy

    I can identify with Stephanie I try to stay in and avoid people.
    I loved the book and my favorite immortal showed up.

  14. Loretta

    Definitely, I wouldn’t be adverse to wonderful individual I understood, and they understand me, with a set of gorgeously gold tipped horns and unusual colour eyes