REVIEW: The Doctor and the Princess by Scarlet Wilson

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In The Doctor and the Princess by Scarlet Wilson, Dr. Gabrielle Cartier never imagined she’d have to return to her role as princess when she started working as a doctor, but when her brother relinquishes his position, Gabrielle finds herself having to return home to rule her country. Luckily, she meets the wonderful Sullivan Darcy on a humanitarian mission and he volunteers to accompany her and hopefully distract her – a tad — from all the pressure she’s bound to find herself under. Will they be able to handle everything thrown their way, or will they both crumble under the pressure and lose their chance at happy ever after?

=He swung her back up, so close her breasts pressed against his chest. “Now, that, my lovely lady, would be telling. Isn’t a guy supposed to have some secrets?”
She wrinkled her nose as a little wave of guilt swept through her. “I thought we were kind of finished with secrets.”
He waved his hands as he kept them swaying to the beat of the song. “Princess Schmincess.”
She blinked. “Did you really just say that?”
“Say what?”=

What a riveting, fast-paced and delightful read Ms. Wilson has penned in this story about a heroine finding her very own ‘Mr. Darcy’; a hero that realizes he can’t continue to run from his grief, yet is determined to help the heroine cope with her new role first; and a couple that deserve love in their lives after all that they’ve been through in the past and all that they go through in the present. The way this story started had me feeling sorry for the hero, as he knows he needs to do something about overcoming his grief, yet he continues to run by working himself to the bone. Will he be able to finally to move past his grief and find happiness with Gabrielle?

As for the main characters, I loved them both as well as everything they go through on their journey to happy ever after. Gabrielle never thought she’d have to perform her duties as a princess, and once she realizes she has no choice, the decisions she has to make aren’t easy. What will she do about her brother and what he’s done? Will she let the media pressure push her away from Sullivan, so he doesn’t come under scrutiny by their need to report anything they can on their new leadership? Will she continue her role as a doctor, even though she’s now having to rule her country? Certainly, she’s strong and brave with every decision she has to make, even though it could place unwanted scrutiny on her because of her involvement with Sullivan and could effect her relationship with her brother; a relationship she always believed she could count on when she was going through tough times. She’s also hard-working, loyal and would do anything for the people of her country, which is proven when a medical disaster occurs that has Sullivan showcasing his skills as a surgeon.

While Sullivan, I could understand why he continued to run from his grief instead of facing it, and yet, he needs to face it otherwise he’d never be completely happy. Also, I liked how hard-working, kind, caring and determined he was to help the heroine when she needed him. She never wanted to have to return to her country and run it, but with what her brother did, it’s palpable she doesn’t have a choice. But most of all, what I loved about the hero was how much he helped the heroine not feel so pressured by her duties. Certainly, the distractions and excursions they go on help them both.

=”Is this how you behaved in the cinema at fifteen?” he growled.
“Always,” she teased, before she pulled her lips from his and settled back to watch the film.
Sullivan glanced sideways at her and adjusted his position in his seat. “Now, that’s what I call a distraction,” he said as he glanced at his watch. “This is going to be the longest ninety minutes of my life.”
“Here, have some popcorn.” She dumped it in his lap with a cheeky glance.=

Overall, this was a really good book Ms. Wilson has penned about two characters dedicated to their jobs, yet know how to tease each other when the going gets tough, a heroine forced to change her life in order to rule her country; a hero that needs to finally find a way to overcome his grief; and a couple that face some tough obstacles on their journey to forever love, but in the end find the happy ever after they both deserve. The way this story ended had me cheering for this couple’s happy ever after, as Gabrielle definitely proves to Sullivan that she chooses him by what she does. Will he give them a chance? However, it was the epilogue that wrapped this story up nicely, as readers find out how far Sullivan and Gabrielle have come since their relationship started. And of course, they have a wonderful secret that had me smiling until the last word. I would recommend The Doctor and the Princess by Scarlet Wilson, if you enjoy Medical Romances or books by authors Amy Ruttan, Robin Gianna or Carol Marinelli.


Book Info:

Publication: April 18th, 2017 | Harlequin Medical |

Her very own Mr. Darcy

As a rule, Gabrielle Cartier prefers the title “Dr.” to “Princess.” And when sexy surgeon Sullivan Darcy joins her humanitarian mission in the jungle, she’s desperate to explore their chemistry. Until sudden news of her brother’s abdication means Gabrielle must return home to rule!

Sullivan longs to offer Gabrielle the support she needs but the pain of loss haunts him. Yet she stirs long-dormant feelings in him, feelings that give him the courage to confront his demons…and the determination to win his princess!



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