#Giveaway Day 11: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 6th Annual Reader Appreciation #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….

HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged readers of Harlequin Junkie blog and the romance community.

Thank You for all you do; for all the tweets, re-post, shares, comments. We <3 You!


On the 11th Day of #Bookmas…


Berkley Publishing gave to me…a chance to win: A Box-O-Books! 

In the spotlight today…


A preview of upcoming Berkley Publishing 2021 titles:

1. THE EX TALK by Rachel Lynn Solomon | January 26, 2021
When radio producer Shay Goldstein isn’t researching stories for her show, she’s clashing with her newest colleague Dominic Yun, Mr. I-just-got-my-master’s-degree-from-Northwestern. But their station is struggling and it needs a fresh concept. Shay’s offhand proposal for a dating advice show is surprisingly green-lit with enthusiasm. Because who wouldn’t want relationship advice from two exes live on the air? Shay and Dominic haven’t been shy about their disdain for each other so their boss decides they would be the perfect co-hosts. Neither of them wants to lie to listeners but unemployment is much worse. The show takes off but the bigger it gets, the bigger their lies become too… especially when Shay and Dominic start dating in secret.
2. A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE by Elizabeth Everett | February 9, 2021
Meet Athena’s Retreat—a secret society for female scientists run by Lady Violet who will soon meet her match.

In Elizabeth Everett’s debut novel, Lady Violet is working on a classified experiment for the Queen that’s puts her life in danger so she’s assigned a handsome bodyguard for protection. If STEM heroines are your jam and you love a good buttoned-up-bodyguard-who-only-lets-loose-around-his-true-love then you will adore A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE.
3. THE INTIMACY EXPERIMENT by Rosie Danan | April 6, 2021
When porn star-turned-start up-founder Naomi Grant wants to add guest educator to her resume, guest lecturing at a small synagogue wasn’t what she pictured. But Ethan Cohen, the gorgeous young rabbi, and his earnest efforts to grow the temple’s attendance win her over. And soon they find themselves following her syllabus for modern intimacy. As they plan the seminar series on modern intimacy and work together to increase participation, an undeniable attraction grows between them. They start dating with Naomi’s syllabus as a guide, much to their students’ delight, but all too soon they’re facing harsh scrutiny from the synagogue’s executive board who make it clear what would happen if they stay together. Their love might have started as an experiment, but now they’ll have to put it to the test. Rosie Danan, author of the acclaimed novel The Roommate, delivers an insightful and steamy romance infused with meaningful ideas on how faith, vulnerability and honesty play a role in modern dating.


4. HANA KHAN CARRIES ON by Uzma Jalaluddin | April 13, 2021
Fans of ‘You’ve Got Mail’ will fall madly in love with this story of competing restaurants, an earnest podcast host, and the listener she connects with who might not be such a stranger after all…

Hana Khan keeps busy between interning at a radio station, waitressing at her mom’s restaurant, and recording her own podcast. There’s little time for anything else. She makes an exception however, for a regular listener and forms a lively relationship with him over the airwaves. A new Halal place disrupts Hana’s world though, further complicated by the arrival of family from India, a hate-motivated crime in the community, and her growing attraction to Aydin, the competing restaurant’s young owner who seems a little familiar. Uzma Jalaluddin, author of the critically acclaimed Ayesha At Last, is unmatched in her Austen-esque ability to take subtle glances, accidental finger-brushings, and thoughtful dialogue and fill them with beautiful emotional intensity.

5. PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION by Emily Henry | May 11, 2021
In New York Times bestseller Emily Henry’s sophomore adult romance PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION, she lends her hilarious and unforgettable voice to the classic “opposites attract” trope.

Poppy and Alex met in college but have absolutely nothing in common. She’s a wild child with insatiable wanderlust, he wears khakis and prefers to stay in with a book. But after a fateful carpool trip home from school, they end up best friends. Still, best friends is all they ever could be…right?
About Penguin – Berkley
An industry leader in commercial and genre fiction, Berkley has a rich tradition of discovering new talent, defining emerging trends, and building authors and series into global franchises. With Berkley’s dedicated focus and guidance many bestselling authors have grown into international brand names, including Nora Roberts, William Gibson, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, and Charlaine Harris. We’re proud to publish Jane Green, Jayne Ann Krentz, Karen White, Patricia Briggs, Christine Feehan, Stephen Donaldson, Maya Banks, Susan Meissner, Catherine Anderson, Clare Mackintosh, Julie Garwood, and Fiona Barton, among others.
Our expertise in women’s fiction, romance, science fiction/fantasy, and mystery/suspense makes us uniquely suited to introduce a new generation of popular novelists and to reinvigorate the publishing programs for established bestselling authors. Website | Twitter | Instagram


Giveaway 1#: Winner’s Choice of (5) five print Berkley romances that released in 2020

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72 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 11: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. Sonia

    The Ex Talk sounds like something I would read and enjoy, it’s probably funny:)

  2. Leeza Stetson

    They all sound very interesting, with eye catching covers. I’m especially drawn to The Intimacy Experiment.

  3. EC

    I’m looking forward to all, especially Emily Henry’s book and the sequel to Hte Roommate.

  4. Diana Hardt

    All the books sound good but People We Meet on Vacation caught my attention because of the story of friends to lovers.

  5. holdenj

    The Ex Talk looks goid. I am also looking forward to the new Emily Henry, I really liked Beach Read.

  6. Brianne

    I love the premise of A Lady’s Formula for Love – it sounds different – I find I like historical time periods that twist the social ‘norm’ of the time – makes for lots of challenges and a fun story,

  7. smcmahon19

    The Intimacy Experiment caught my attention. It was the title that did it and then I read the blurb. Can’t wait to read!☘️

  8. Charlotte Litton

    These are all new authors to me. A Lady’s Formula fo Love sounds good.

  9. Ellen C.

    Ex Talk looks like a fun read. A Lady’s Formula for Love seems to be an interesting mix of contemporary issues in a historical setting.

  10. Texas Book Lover

    The Ex Talk, The Intimacy Experiment and People We Meet on Vacation all sound like books I’d quickly get lost in!

  11. Sue Galuska

    I would read all of these books. I’m looking forward to The Intimacy Experiment….I read The Roommate and thought it was awesome!

  12. Pammie R.

    Re: Manuscript Critique

    Day 11
    I haven’t changed my mind. I’m still hoping to win the critique.I want the new year to be the year I become a published author.

  13. Diane Sallans

    I’m not familiar with any of the books or authors highlighted on this post, but they all look like fun reads.

  14. eawells

    The Ex- Talk and Hana Khan Carries On. They all sound interesting and the authors are all new to me.

  15. Crystal

    All the books look interesting and intriguing and grabbed my attention in one way or another. The books that grabbed my attention most was a LADY’S formula for love and THE Intimacy Experiment. Why? the book cover, book excerpt, and title of book.

  16. diannekc

    Hard to choose, all of the books sound amazing. “The Ex-Talk” and “A Lady’s Formula From Love” really appealed to me.

  17. Kelly D

    These books sound great. “Hana Khan Carries On” caught my attention because the main character sounds interesting because she hosts her own podcast.

  18. Jana Leah

    A Lady’s Formula for Love – I love the idea of a historical secret society of female scientists.

  19. flchen1

    Hana Khan Carries On sounds intriguing! Love the premise, and the sounds of the author’s voice!

  20. lynnpallaske

    The Intimacy Experiment because I’ve heard great things about The Roommate. The Ex-Talk because enemies to lovers! Emily Henry because I loved Beach Read so much.

  21. Mary C.

    A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE by Elizabeth Everett – the secret society for lady scientists is interesting.

  22. Patricia B.

    Lady’s Formula For Love by Elizabeth Everett is the top one in the group that I would like to read. I enjoy historicals and a woman of science would certainly shake things up. A bit of danger and intrigue makes it even better. Hanna Khan Carries On by Uzma Jalaluddin is the second one I would be interested in. Cultural differences and adapting interest me and make for a good story if handled well. These are all new to me authors.

  23. BookLady

    Hana Khan Carries On caught my attention, because I enjoyed the movie You’ve Got Mail.

  24. Eva Millien

    They all sound great but the The Intimacy Experiment, caught my attention the most but it sounds like it a completely fun and delightful read! Have a wonderful, safe & healthy holiday season!

  25. Glenda M

    Lady’s Formula for Love is the top one for me – I love historicals – but they all sound very interesting!

  26. Linda Townsend

    I can’t decide which one! I most want to read People We Meet on Vacation (Ummm Christmas Vacation…) AND HANA KHAN CARRIES ON (Who didn’t love “you’ve got mail.”) AND A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE (SCIENCE!!!!!)

  27. Janie McGaugh

    A Lady’s Formula for Love drew my attention because of the cute cover.

  28. Terrill R.

    I have each of these contemporary romances on my wish list. After enjoying the swoony elements of Beach Read this past year, I’m excited for what Emily Henry has next in the genre.

  29. sandy haber

    The intimacy experiment caught my eye first, the A ladies’ formulary for love.

  30. isisthe12th

    I would love to read A LADY’S FORMULA FOR LOVE by Elizabeth Everett because I love Historical Fiction. Thank you

  31. Kim

    PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION by Emily Henry sounds good. I like forced proximity and them being opposites.

  32. Joanne B

    I like the opposites attract trope, so People We Meet on Vacation sounds great.

  33. theresajs

    I’m really looking forward to reading The Intimacy Experiment as I loved The Roommate! Also People We Meet on Vacation as I have loved everything Emily Henry has written!