HJ Recommends: Harlequin Treasury Collection, A Must on your TBR

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Mistress of the Groom (Harlequin Presents) by Susan Napier – $3.44

Have you heard the latest?

Don’t tell anyone but…

The groom was having an affair—with his bride’s best friend!

Jane had been desperate to stop the wedding. She’d had to prevent her best friend from making the biggest mistake of her life…. Marrying Ryan Blair would have been disastrous. He was too rich, too powerful, too hot to handle!

There was only one solution: to stand up in church and declare that she, Jane Sherwood, respectable businesswoman, was having a secret torrid affair with Ryan! It had worked. The wedding was finished. But now Ryan was determined to make Jane pay for his wrecked marriage—by making her his mistress for real!


The Price of a Bride (Harlequin Presents) by Michelle Reid – $3.44

Forced to marry!

When Mia Frazier agreed to her father’s demand to marry Greek millionaire Alexander Doumas, she knew both men stood to gain from the deal—Alex would win back his family’s island, and Mia’s father would get the grandson and heir he so desperately longed for. But what about Mia?

She had her own reason for agreeing to be Alex’s wife—which was not financial gain, as Alex cynically believed. But how could the truth stay hidden, when she shared such intense passion with her new husband…and was now carrying his child?

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  1. Mom on the Run

    Oh, I used to have so many Michelle Reid books…one in particular that I regret giving away. I reread it right before I put it in the charity box. I guess that should’ve told me it was a “keeper”. Wish I could remember the name, haven’t been able to locate it on amazon yet.

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