Review: Not Just the Greek’s Wife by Lucy Monroe

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 Not Just the Greek’s Wife by Lucy Monroe



Publisher: Harlequin Presents (October 1, 2012)

Book Info:

Ariston Spiridakou had one reason and one reason only for marrying Chloe: he needed a biddable bride to provide the requisite heir. Yet three years later Chloe’s status as good Greek wife is a distant memory—and her defiance has had her cast out of Ariston’s life.…

Infuriatingly, Chloe now finds herself at Ariston’s mercy—but his help comes with a wicked price: the unyielding condition that he won’t even consider her request until she’s shared his bed…and is expecting his baby!


Not Just the Greek’s Wife: I really enjoyed this re-union story by Lucy Monroe. It was a great read minus the revenge / angst factors you except to find in re-union stories.

Ariston Spiridakou and Chloe got married as part of a business deal, an arranged marriage with contracted terms of three years. Their marriage fell apart due to misunderstanding and mistrust on both their parts.

Fast-forward two years and Chloe and Ariston re-unite when Chloe approaches Ariston to save her fathers company from bankruptcy. Two years on nothings changed they are still highly attracted to each other and passions run deep.

I really liked this couple, I liked the fact that learnt from their past mistakes and communicated with each other and that they were really vocal about their feelings. I liked the fact that once they decided to give their relationship another chance they weren’t snippy or mean or spiteful towards each other.

This book was really well written; I quite enjoyed all of Chloe’s internal dialogues.

If you are looking for an A uber alpha Hero, a heroine with some spunk and a angst free re-union story – Definitely recommend this book.




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