REVIEW: Mr. Wicked by Marni Mann

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Mr. Wicked by Marni Mann: For all intents Greyson Tanner should be having the best damn moment of his life, after the successful launch of dating app Hooked with his two best friends, you would think he would be on cloud nine. Well he would be if membership of the app hadn’t suddenly plummeted after a video of Greyson waxing poetic about the beauty if indulging in bachelorhood goes viral. Now not only does Greyson need to fix this media hailstorm for his own good but also for his two friends. Which is when their PR team suggest the best way to get ahead of this whole bachelorhood snafu is to get Greyson married and who better to play the role of his new bride than social media influencer Jovana Winters, Greyson’s last one night stand that he just cant seem to stop thinking about… on camera they make the perfect couple but behind close doors they could not be more different where Greyson is weary of commitment, Jovana is a total romantic and knows exactly what she wants and her sights are firmly set on turning this fake marriage into the real deal…

I really enjoyed reading Mr Wicked, this book was a nice mix of fake dating turned real marriage and grump meets sunshine with a bit of the reformed playboy trope thrown in to keep things interesting. This is the second book in the Hooked series but can comfortably read as a standalone but I for one would recommend reading the first book as well. This book really does pack in the steam and passion and I for one was definitely here for it!

Greyson was your typical rich playboy living up the best life, until all his wild ways lands him in a spot he never wanted to be in, tied down. I loved getting to see Greyson kind of opening his mind to something that he was so adamant that was not for him. For all his wicked ways he was actually a really kind and caring guy, his instant attraction to Jovana was evident and so were the feelings that he developed for her. As for our leading lady, Jovana well she was kind and sweet and optimistic and open to love the total opposite of Greyson. I loved that she was a true romantic and wanted their relationship to actually work. Her motives for getting into the marriage were genuine and I loved getting to understand her motives for the need for financial security.

This book packs a punch in the steam department! Good gosh do these two burn up the pages! Chemistry is definitely not a problem for Greyson and Jovana. I really enjoyed getting to see them work through their relationship and move past it being only a physical connection. I loved the moment that Greyson finally realized that Jovana was more to him than his fake wife and that he actually couldn’t live without her. Getting to see him bring down his walls and allow her into his heart was easily the best part of this book.

I really enjoyed reading Mr Wicked, this book was filled with steamy goodness, some heart warming moments and one genuinely cute love story. I enjoyed getting to see a few familiar faces. Definitely a must read!

Book Info:

Publication: April 23, 2024 | Montlake | Hooked #2

An alpha billionaire dedicated to no-strings pleasure. A woman committed to changing his wicked mind. Together they ignite a steaming-hot romance by the USA Today bestselling author of Mr. Hook-up.

Grayson Tanner has had better days. Coming off the successful international launch of Hooked, the hook-up app he cofounded with his two best friends, and a night with one of the sexiest women he’s ever met, he’s now in a PR nightmare. A video of him has gone viral—a toast to the indulgence of bachelorhood. It’s a bad look for the creator of the app’s marriage arm. As memberships plummet amid a media firestorm, his PR firm has a new narrative to quell the Grayson has to get married. Fast.

Hello, Jovana Winters—social media influencer and Grayson’s former one-night stand. The one-night stand he has yet to move on from mentally. Their immediate connection is undeniable. In front of the camera, they’re charismatic and passionate, and social media is calling them the It couple. But off camera, Grayson doesn’t trust women or believe in commitment.

Jovana is the opposite, a believer in love who knows what she wants. Now she’s on a mission to turn this fake marriage into the real deal, even though she’s hiding the biggest secret of them all.

But with a man like Mr. Wicked, it won’t come easy.



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