REVIEW: Back to Claim His Crown by Natalie Anderson

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Back to Claim His Crown is Natalie Anderson’s passionate and exciting September 2023 new release.

Crown Prince Lucian carefully choses the most public way he can to announce his return and he sure does make an impact. Bringing his cousin’s wedding to a halt is the desired outcome; meeting the love of his life was completely unexpected. Zara is saved by Lucian; no longer having to marry his cousin she escapes back to her rooms in the palace only to learn they are Lucian’s old rooms. The close proximity helps swirl the attraction both feel for each other.

I really enjoyed Natalie Anderson’s latest release. The characters are fascinating to read. Lucian is such a tall, dark and handsome mystery with some surprising confessions of his own. Zara’s abandonment can be felt right in the heart. The two are the most unlikely pair and as the pages flow so does their brilliant story. I also loved their witty conversations; I chuckled a few times because I almost felt like Natalie was paying homage with the language used, to her home country NZ.

An exotic royal tale set in faraway lands with two strong characters and of course with appearances by the characters in the first installment, Impossible Heir for the King. Well enjoyed.

Book Info:

Publication: September 2023 | Harlequin Presents | Innocent Royal Runaways #2

After ten years in hiding, Crown Prince Lucian returns from the dead to reclaim his throne. His first task? Stopping his usurper’s wedding! As a media frenzy ensues, Lucian feels honor bound to provide jilted princess Zara with shelter in his palace…

Abandoned in disgrace by her controlling family, Zara has no option but to trust the new king. She knows restoring his rule is Lucian’s sole priority, but behind his lavish castle walls, the chemistry between the ruthless royal and the virgin princess sparks an urgent, irresistible desire…

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