Review: Betting on Texas by Amanda Renee

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“Under other circumstances, he would have asked her out on a date. She was determined and so far, proved herself a hard worker. All qualities he wanted in a woman. One little flaw got in his way. She stole his ranch.”

BOTIn Betting on Texas by Amanda Renee, Miranda Archer leaves her old life behind in Washington DC to start new on the Double Trouble Ranch in Ramblewood, Texas. Her best friend, and Texas native, Jonathan, told her about the ranch being up for sale and helped her through the process. She hopes Double Trouble will become a place she can call home and where she can settle down and raise a family. The moment she arrives at the ranch however she realizes she’s in over her head. She wasn’t aware livestock came with the property…or an angry cowboy who thinks she stole the ranch away from him. Miranda knows she should play nice with the ranch manager being that he’s the only one who can help her learn the ropes, but she’s torn between the physical attraction she feels for him and anger over his condescending tone.

“Some welcoming committee you are,” Miranda huffed.
“Sugar, if you’re looking for a warm welcome, you’re barking up the wrong tree.”
“To think, I drove all the way here for this. I’m starting to regret it.”
“Oh, goody.” Jesse clasped his hands together in mock glee. “Does that mean you’ll leave?”
“Not on your life.” Miranda didn’t appreciate his sarcasm. This was her home now. She wasn’t about to let some cowboy chase her away.

Jesse Langtry has put his heart and soul into making Double Trouble Ranch a success. Everyone in town knows the previous owners had told him the property would be his some day. What he didn’t count on was someone outbidding him when the place came up for sale after the owners passed away. He instantly dislikes Miranda when she arrives in Ramblewood and decides to make it as difficult as possible for her in order to drive her out of town. He admits she is exactly the kind of woman he’s been looking for to settle down and raise a family with, but his eye is on winning the ranch back. He decides to make a bet with her. The winner gets to keep Double Trouble and the loser will leave the premises. But as the deadline draws closer, Jesse has to reevaluate where he stands. He finds that although he still wants the ranch, he wants just as much to win Miranda’s heart.

Amanda Renee has written a charming, heart-warming story full of romance, humor and a sense of community. The lead characters, Miranda and Jesse, are a perfect pair. They are both stubborn but have a good heart. They are just looking for a place to belong and to create their own legacy. I love that Miranda learned how members of small towns take care of each other and become their own family, and that Jesse was an important part of making that happen. I would definitely recommend this novel if you’re a fan of cowboys and endearing love stories.



Harlequin JunkieBook Info: Publication Date: March 5, 2013 | Series: Harlequin American Romance (Book 1442)

More Than The Ranch At StakeWhen Miranda Archer bought Double Trouble Ranch, sight unseen, she was eager to leave city life behind and start fresh in the Texas Hill Country. But the property came with some unexpected extras: a few cattle, a couple of horses…and one surly cowboy.

From the minute Jesse Langtry first laid eyes on Miranda, she captured his heart. Beautiful and determined, Miranda is everything Jesse wants in a woman. There’s just one little hitch. Jesse’s dream girl just stole his ranch!

Sure that rural life will be too much for Miranda, Jesse bets her that she won’t last a month at Double Trouble. If he wins, she’ll sell him the land—if she wins, he’ll leave for good. Pushing each other away seems to bring them closer—and that’s where the real trouble begins!

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