REVIEW: Blame It on the Champagne by Nina Harrington

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In Blame It on the Champagne by Nina Harrington, Rick Burgess has left an action and award filled career as an adventure sportsman to become a wine merchant after his brother’s Tom death. He needs investment for one of his business ventures from the Elwood brothers, one of the oldest and reputed families in winemaking to get credibility from wine experts. Rick will do anything to make his latest business venture a success and if Elwood Brothers are the key to his success then he will do anything to get the company on his side.


Saskia Elwood is the sole owner of her family estate, Elwood house after her aunt’s death and has slaved for years to turn her family estate into London’s most exclusive venue. Her family had been involved in winemaking for centuries and was quite reputed for the same. Saskia ia the last of her family’s line and does not know anything about winemaking. So it is natural to reject Rick’s offer and stay clear of any business proposition that would be just plain foolish. Then why has her sexy business partner swept her off to Europe for intimate champagne and why is it getting difficult to resist his charm day by day..??

“Who dares wins. Don’t you take chances, Saskia?”
“Only with you…” Saskia replied, but the words were driven from her mind as Rick’s fingers wound up into her hair, and, drawing her closer, he slanted his head so that his warm, soft lips gently glided over hers, then firmer, hotter.
The sensation blew away any vague idea that might have been forming in her head that she could resist this man for one second longer. Her eyes closed as heat rushed from her toes to the tips of her ears, and everything else in the world was lost in the giddy sensation.
She wanted the earth to stop spinning so that this moment could last forever.
Before she could change her mind, Saskia Elwood closed her eyes and kissed Rick Burgess back, tasting the heat of his mouth, a heady smell of coffee, chocolate crumbs and aftershave, sensing his resistance melt as he moved deeper into the kiss, her own arms lifting to wrap around his neck.
She let the pressure of his lips and the scent and sensation of his body warm every cell in hers before she finally pulled her head back.
Rick looked up at her with those blue, blue eyes, his chest responding to his faster breathing, and whispered, “Here’s to taking chances.”

Blame It on the Champagne by Nina Harrington was a well written and cute story. The characters were good and likable, though I did find Rick a little arrogant in some situations. Saskia does not believe in love because of her lousy father and her irresponsible mother. Though she was a good heroine overall, I could not understand how there was so little resistance on her part to fly to Europe with a man she had just met.

This book is a part of a trilogy, but it can be read as a stand alone. Though the story was good, it was missing the romance factor for me because the characters did not have any chemistry between them. The conversations between them were good, the outdoor locations were gorgeous and the story was a pleasant read but it got a bit boring because of the limited romance and chemistry.

Overall Blame It on the Champagne by Nina Harrington is a well written pleasant read but does not fit in the category of KISS for me because the romance was not fun or sassy enough for me.


Book Info:

3SPublished September 17th 2013 by Harlequin Harlequin KISS (Book 36)

The bubbles are going to her head!

English rose Saskia Elwood has slaved for years to turn her family estate into London’s most exclusive venue. She’s not going to do anything to jeopardize its success! So considering wine magnate Rick Burgess’s business proposition would be nothing short of madness.

But before she can catch her breath, her heart-stoppingly gorgeous new business partner has swept her off to Europe for intimate champagne tastings and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Saskia won’t be able to blame the sparks flying between them on the champagne for much longer!

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