REVIEW: Body Check by Elle Kennedy

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Body Check by Elle Kennedy: Hayden Huston has always been the good girl that everyone has always expected her to be, but after years of being dragged from one rink to another by her hockey coach father, she can’t help but feel that it is high time she finds herself a bit of stability… well that is after her one and only wild carefree night as a bad girl and who better to spend the night with than the cutie playing pool. Brody Croft is known of being a bit of a playboy but the pro hockey player can’t help bit feel that his old way of life is getting a bit old, maybe it is time that he changes his ways and looks for something a bit more serious… so when a cute girl hits on him while playing pool Brody can’t help but feel enthralled by the bold and beautiful woman, after all it isn’t very often that he finds himself in the company of a woman that isn’t after him for his fame… however after sharing an incredible night together Hayden leaves without a trace, that is until the two are brought back together when Brody learns that his mystery woman is none other than his coach’s daughter. Now all Brody needs to do is convince Hayden that he is worth taking a risk on…

I loved this book majorly! I have always enjoyed reading Elle Kennedy’s books and Body Check is no different, this book was the perfect spicy sports romance. I love that there were a few twist and turns in this book and that while Kennedy kept this a cute and steamy romance, she also touched on a few heavy topics along the way.

I just adored Brody! He was such an incredible leading man, I really liked how self aware he was and that he realised that the meaningless flings that he had been having really were not what he wanted in life and that he wanted something special and real. More than this I really liked the fact that once he found this connection with Hayden, he was not afraid to chase it and win his girl over. Truly Brody was the perfect combination of a bit alpha but also a softie that was in touch with his feelings. Now for our leading lady, well I really liked Hayden as well, it was hard to fault her for wanting to experience a wild night before looking for the endgame kind of love. I really liked how confident and self assure she was and that she knew her worth and wasn’t going to settle for anything less.

The chemistry between Brody and Hayden was just fire, I loved reading these two and gosh once they got together boy was it steamy. Though their journey was not all that smooth sailing, they had a few bumps along the way but I really liked that Brody allowed Hayden to call the shots and get comfortable, instead of bulldozing her over with demands.

I will say the one thing I did not expect was the direction Hayden’s fathers story arc went, this was an interesting twist. I truly enjoyed reading this steamy cute hockey romance. Body Check was a perfect fast but steamy sports romance that I would highly recommend!

Book Info:

Publication: July 2, 2024 | Harlequin Feature |

After a childhood spent being dragged around the country by her hockey coach father, Hayden Houston intends to take some time to figure out her future. Whether that future will include her currently off-again boyfriend remains to be seen. What it certainly won’t include is the for-one-night-only guy she just met at a bar.

It seems hockey star Brody Croft did not get the memo about being temporary. Big, bold and driven, he’s dedicated in everything he does. Up till now, that’s been his team—the one owned by Hayden’s dad. But his night with Hayden has sparked something he didn’t expect. The two of them are good together. Really good. There’s a connection he’s never experienced before, one he knows they’d be wrong to ignore. Even with a game-fixing scandal testing both their loyalties—to teammates, to friends…to family.

Part of Hayden wants to turn tail and run. A complicated relationship with a bad boy hockey player is exactly what she never wanted. But when it comes to Brody, Hayden is realizing that people can be so much more than what they seem.



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    I hear about this book and look forward to reading how much has been changed since it got traditionally published. Thanks for the lovely review, Team HJ.