REVIEW: Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn

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Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn: Being a professional wedding planner is no easy feet, after working herself to the bone trying to make a name for her little boutique wedding planner business, Maggie has finally decided to take a much need vacation. What was supposed to be only sun, sand, cocktails and maybe a nice steamy vacay fling soon turns into a major business opportunity when Maggie learns that the resort that she is stay at is going to be hosting the wedding of the century, how can she not try to market her little self-made business? The only catch being if she wants to get an in with the wedding party then she has no choice but to team up with her brothers best friend Brody. Surly posing as a couple madly in love for a week in paradise cant be that hard, right? Well between sharing a bungalow, attending all kinds of rich people events and trying to navigate their complicated feelings for each other, everything that could go wrong does, leaving Brody a major problem that he might not be able to fix…

I loved this book, this was a prime example of why I love to read Meghan Quinn’s books, there was humour, sass, drama, sexual tension, heart and so much more all packed into one incredible story. Before I can even dive deeper into why this book is a must read, can we just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful cover! I loved that it already set the vibe for what turned out to be a cute, stylish and totally hilarious read. I will say that it was a tiny bit of a longer read that it possibly needed to be but personally I didn’t mind more time with Maggie and Brody.

I absolutely loved our leading lady, Maggie was a boss girl down to the tee. I loved her passion and determination to make her small business a success. Not only this but she actually loved what she did, you could see that she genuinely wanted to make each bride feel magical on their special day, I loved this about her character. I loved how easily she embraced her silliness, she was not afraid to be a bit quirky and messy but when it came to work she was laser focused. I really liked the fact that she was such a strong female character, she really didn’t rely on anyone to get things done. Now for our hero Brody, again I really liked the fact that he too was so passionate about his work and the project that he was planning on pitching to Mr Hopper. However after all his mishaps I just couldn’t help but feel that he came across as weak. While I still found him charming and likeable, I couldn’t help but want a stronger hero. I will say that the poor guy was put through the wringer instead of having a nice relaxing holiday. One thing I will give Brody though is that he worked pretty damn hard to fix his mistake in the end, so that won him some brownie points in my book.

I really liked the chemistry between Brody and Maggie, their less than ideal history only added to the spice in this book and I loved seeing them both dance around their feelings for each other. Seeing them try to fake it while with the Hoppers was just gold, they had so much of banter and sass and I loved every bit of it! Oh my gosh the crotch pillow situation was just comic gold, this bit had me giggling for a good few minutes! All in all I really liked them as a couple and I loved seeing the progression of their relationship.

Quinn did a really good job in fleshing out the brothers best friend trope in this book. The dynamic between Maggie, Brody and Gary was classic. Personally I think I loved the bromance going on between Gary and Brody more than anything! These two could have had their own book with all their antics! I think the best part was when they told Gary about their relationship and his biggest worry was if he would still be Brody’s favourite. Truly the supporting characters in this book were perfection, I loved Hattie and Hayes supporting Maggie and adding little nuggets of hilarity along the way. I really loved that Gary help play a role in reuniting Brody and Maggie. Now for the Hoppers; I loved Haisley, Jude, Hudson and Hardy. They were all so down to earth and absolutely hilarious. But Reginald Hopper was easily the worst human ever! Not only was he fake but he was mean and behaved like an entitled snob, I absolutely hated the way he treated Brody and then turned on Maggie! I so glad he got what was coming to him!

I absolutely loved every moment of reading Bridesmaid For Hire, this cute, funny, fake turned real dating, brothers best friend romcom is a total must read for me!

Book Info:

Publication: April 2, 2024 | Bloom Books |

Sometimes the wedding of the century calls for desperate measures.
And sometimes those desperate measures are to pretend the person you hate most is actually your boyfriend.

After years of working her tail off at her event-planning business, Maggie Mitchell is ready for a vacation. With nothing on her mind but R & R, she’s enjoying the warm weather of Bora Bora when in saunters Brody McFadden, her brother’s best friend and also her sworn enemy. Thanks to years of tension between the two—kicked off by a make-out session at her brother’s wedding that ended horribly—Maggie has sworn to stay away from the man. That is, until she finds out he’s in Bora Bora for his boss’s daughter’s wedding, hoping to use the trip to win a real future at the company.

Maggie promised herself she wouldn’t even think of work on the island, but as word spreads about the “wedding of the century” taking place in the midst of her vacation, she realizes offering her services as a bridesmaid and planner could bring her business to the next level. The only catch? She needs to pose as Brody’s girlfriend to get the job…while letting him stay in her peaceful bungalow.

Tensions rise, irritation flairs, and despite years’ worth of bickering behind closed doors, Maggie can’t quite squash the sparks building between her and her new fake boyfriend, especially when she learns the real reason their first kiss was cut short. But as the wedding day draws closer and everything starts to go wrong, it just might be Brody who sends Maggie’s business crashing down—and her heart along with it.



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