REVIEW: Charming Deception by Jaine Diamond

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Charming Deception by Jaine Diamond: When Megan ran away from her home in the middle of small town nowhere, she was hoping to get a chance to start her life over with a bit of help from her famous hockey player brother, what she did not expect was to run into billionaire hottie Jameson Vance, much less to wind up as his fake fiancee.

In order to get his inheritance, Jameson and his siblings need to complete a specific task assigned to each of them by their late grandfather. For Jameson the task was a simple one; no sex for 90 days and in doing so reform his public image. Now if this task wasn’t challenging enough for notorious playboy Jamie, his older brother and boss of the family has gone and doubled down on the challenge all but stating that the best way for Jamie to complete his task is to get publicly engaged to non other than the sweet small town girl, Megan. The only problem with this is the more time that Jamie spends with Megan the more he wants to turn their fake relationship into something very real, but will omitting a small detail that actually brought them together be the thing that ultimately sends their relationship spiralling?

I absolutely loved this book! Charming Deception checked all the boxes for me and then some, there was very little not to love about this cute, fake turned real love story. There was a really good balance between romance, suspense, angst, character growth and some incredibly steamy moments through out this book. I loved that while this is the first book in this series we get a nice understanding of what the rest of the series will most likely offer, as well as meeting future characters.

Megan was such an incredible leading lady, not only was she a genuinely nice person but our knew how to hold her own and make Jamie work to win her over. I really liked that she was so sex positive and didn’t shy away from expressing herself in this regard. Though I will say that my heart did hurt for her and the emotional trauma that she had to under go from being with her narcissistic ex boyfriend. As for our hero, well Jamie was so much more than his rich playboy persona that everyone assumes of him. I loved getting to see the softer more venerable side to our hero as he opens up to Megan and really learns to allow himself to love and be loved in return but someone other than his siblings. Also how can you not love a major alpha billionaire hero that knows he is charming as all hell.

I really enjoyed getting to know both main characters, these two truly made one incredible couple. While Megan was all sunshines and easy going, our hero Jameson was more moody and broody, I loved the sunshine meets grump dynamic between them and getting to see their love connection play out. The connection and underlying sexual tension between these two was hot! I loved the fact that both of them wanted each other but Jamie was holding back, but boy once his 90 days were up did he make up for lost time. Aside from some insanely steamy moments, I really liked the emotional connection and bond that they formed. I really liked the fact that they gave each other a reason to believe in happily ever afters and the forever kind of love.

This book had some amazing supporting characters, from the Vance siblings, all of whom desperately need their own books and soon!! I also really liked Cole, Megans brother who also happened to be Jamie’s best friend. Now on the Cole front, I had hoped for a bit more drama or push back in regard to the fake relationship, I think this was a slight missed opportunity. I also really liked Megan’s bestie Nicole, she definitely needs to hook up with one of the Vance brothers, hopefully there is a story in the making somewhere there. I also loved the addition of Megan’s dog Daisy and the way she instantly clicked with Jamie, this was just adorable. I also have to mention the side story of Megan’s book that ran parallel to the main romance, while I really liked this and it was interesting, I couldn’t help but feel that it featured a bit to heavily in the overall book.

All in all I absolutely loved reading Charming Deception, this book is a total must read! If you love a good fake turned real relationship, brothers best friend, small town girl falls for the billionaire and cinnamon roll hero, then this is most definitely the book for you!!

Book Info:

Publication: June 4, 2024 | DreamWarp Publishing Ltd. |

When my brother’s best friend proposes we get engaged, I’m a fool to say yes.

It’s a fake engagement, because men like Jameson Vance don’t fall in love with women like me.

He’s a gorgeous billionaire, a marketing genius and a playboy, and he’s only getting engaged to please his family.
I’m an introverted writer, just trying to start my life over, and I’d rather mingle with the rose bushes in his garden than fall in love again.

But when we share a bed, our sizzling chemistry blurs the line between fake and real. And when Jameson turns on the charm, I can’t help melting from his growly whispers of “my wife.”

When he won’t follow through on the explosive tension between us, though, I realize there’s so much more to this fake engagement than meets the eye. Because my fiancé is keeping one hell of a secret from me.

I know I’d be crazy to trust him with my heart.
But by the time I finally feel his searing touch, I know I’m already falling for his charming deception.



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